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Newly launched Akash Prime Missile destroys aerial target during test fire

Newly launched Akash Prime Missile destroys aerial target during test fire

The Defense Research and Development Organization has launched a new version of Akash missile- ‘Akash Prime’ which successfully destroys an unmanned aerial target during a flight test. The missile was tested from the Integrated Test Range (ITR), Chandipur, Odisha on Monday afternoon.

“In comparison to the existing Akash System, Akash Prime is equipped with an indigenous active Radio Frequency (RF) seeker for improved accuracy. Other improvements also ensure more reliable performance under low temperature environments at higher altitudes,” a DRDO statement said. A modified ground system of the existing Akash system had been used for the flight test, it stated.

The missile intercepted and destroyed an enemy aircraft in its maiden flight test after improvements, the DRDO noted. The range station of the ITR includes Radars, EOTS (Electro Optical Tracking System) and Telemetry stations. 

Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh congratulated the team on the successful flight. He stated that the proper functioning of ‘Akash Prime’ proved the competence of DRDO showcasing the well developed design and development of world class Missile systems. 

G Satheesh Reddy, Secretary of the Department of Defence R&D and Chairman of DRDO also lauded the team for the victorious flight trial of the Akash Prime Missile. The enhanced Akash Prime system will help in boosting the confidence of the users as now it has been embodied with improved and more lethal missiles. 

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