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Ahmed Meeran: A pure entertainer on the Digital platform

With the Digital platform booming day after day, so many youngsters out there put in their full efforts to create different types of content. Singing videos, Dance covers, LifeStyle blogging, motivational videos, comedy content are some of the various forms of content that trend on a daily basis on the Digital platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok. One such content creator is Ahmed Meeran, who has an Instagram follower base of nearly 250k, YouTube Subscriber base of nearly 35k and Tik Tok follower base of nearly 140k and majorly creates content in the Tamil language.

Ahmed Meeran, an MBA student at IIM Kashipur, creates Raw Singing cover videos, Roast Videos and troll content for the popular reality show Bigg Boss Tamil. A one-person team, he shoots his videos himself, edits them and presents it to the huge audience base that he has created for himself in the last year. 

If you are from the Tamil fraternity, you must have at least once come across the popular Instagram series ‘’TikTok Vaasigal’’ which is a ‘’one-minute tik tok roast’’ series on Ahmed’s Instagram profile ‘ahmedmeeranoffl’. Ahmed Meeran selects some ultra-funny and cringe tiktok videos and features one cringe tiktoker per episode. The episodes of the series have cumulatively crossed over several millon views on Instagram. The video that starts with ‘Innaikku namma parka porathu’ and ends with ‘Appadinu Sollunga’ is slowly turning into household entertainment amongst people of various age groups. While there are a few creators who offend others in the name of roasts, we have creators like Ahmed Meeran who never cross the thin line between trolling and offending. 

When asked about why Ahmed chose to make Bigg Boss Troll Videos he said that with the participation of popular names like Oviya, Julie, Aishwarya Dutta, Vanitha Vijay Kumar etc. the Tamil version of Bigg Boss show called ‘Bigg Boss Tamil’ is not an exception to the popularity and trend for the past three seasons and he felt somehow that creating funny content about the happenings of the show would go well amongst the netizens. Evidently, his Bigg Boss Videos are sensational and hugely entertaining. He chooses a song as per the situation, does the role-play of different housemates, and synchronizes the song so brilliantly with the situation. Not to forget, his laptop and sticking papers are an integral part of his Bigg Boss Content.

This young content creator posts singing covers too on his social media platforms. He shoots his singing covers in a single shot with no cuts, edits or extra filters. We are sure that his name will make it big in the music industry too. His recent singing collaboration with popular Tamil YouTuber Joshua Aaron ‘’Tamil Vs Telugu mashup’’ went viral and has been watched by millions of people until this point. Even though the main platform for Ahmed is Instagram, he posts content occasionally on his YouTube channel and TikTok profile too.

When asked about how he feels about being followed by big names like Director Selva Raghavan on Instagram, Ahmed said that he was surprised and extremely happy about being noticed by various celebrities from the cinema industry. Definitely, Ahmed Meeran is a pure entertainer on the digital platform.

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