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Chitrak Shah Taking His Real Estate to Great Heights in Gujarat Real Estate world

Chitrak Shah is a known man in the real estate world as far as Gujarat is concerned. He has been leading the industry since the past few years, while for him it was a tough time though getting all challenges in his life. He commenced his journey working with his father’s company S N Developers in 1998 and worked as a trainee which included visiting sites, understanding work and learning the construction world. Later in 2001, he changed the name of his company to Shivalik Construction and started covering too many milestones all across the state of Gujarat. Today, one can find Shivalik to be among the top names in real estate work, while he remains the CEO along with the co-founder of his company. 

Today one can find him leading his company at the top. All thanks to the successful ventures one can see him and his company handling things like Shivalik Abaise’, ‘Shivalik Shilp’ and ‘Shivalik Highstreet’ thus proving him a competent man in the real estate world. He seemed to be going great guns with this project despite the roller coaster seen in the market. The fact of the matter is that real estate seemed to be very much vulnerable and there are too many risks attached to the same. 

He seems to have great plans for the coming years as intends to develop 60 million square feet all across Gujarat. One of his popular projects is called Shivalik Avenue, and he plans for a green and healthy environment.  For his quality work, he has bagged a number of awards including Best Realty Brand, Reality Lord of the Land and Business Knight to name a few for the awards. Despite all the odds, he has managed to gain a huge following in his profession. However, he has made sure to remain simple and down to earth. Despite being the biggest in Gujarat’s Biggest Real Estate Group

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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