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Fun in work or work for fun is something that keeps Jitendra Panwar ticking

Fun in work or work for fun is something that keeps Jitendra Panwar ticking

Jitendra is a very well know entrepreneur the owner of the very famous Playboy Club at Jaipur. He is a wanderlust by heart, often tries to travel as much as he can buy effectively managing the businesses. A B.com graduated and resides in Jodhpur. 

His club promises a luxe nightlife experience crafted to elevate the party ethos, stationed in the heart of the city. The club being of such premium standard is known and recognised by everyone. The club also hosts various events like Ladies Night, DJ night, Bollywood Night and many more. Many influencers, bloggers and celebrities can be spotted in the club. Jitendra is aiming at expanding the club at various places across the country. 

The aspiring entrepreneur is also bringing an International White Club this year, which is voted World's 20th Club on DJ MAG 100 Clubs. The club has made nightlife history as Dubai's very first outdoor rooftop nightlife experience with high-tech and ultra-modern. 

The former is into construction, so he started his real estate firm known as of Panwar Builders. The firm is been associated with great projects in Jodhpur.  The entrepreneur aims as achieving more projects in this coming year. He also financed in the Parag Sanghvi sarkar movie.

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