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In India Paramedics in 108 Ambulance aren’t Drivers or Nurse, Clarifies – Dr. Santosh Datar from Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd

Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL)

Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL) has been a pioneer in providing emergency medical and transport services in India since 2005. The concept behind its formation dictates that no person should ever lose their life due to delays in the arrival of emergency services. Every year, paramedics save thousands of lives through the timely application of first aid, and by rushing casualties to hospitals before it’s too late. Despite their enormous contributions to the cause of public health, they remain nameless, faceless individuals working in the shadows, with no desire for recognition. It’s because of this relative anonymity of the profession that the general public remains largely unaware of who they are and what they do, which has resulted in several, unintentionally insulting, misconceptions about paramedics. The two most common of these are that paramedics are nurses and drivers. These misconceptions run so deep that the Hindi word for ‘paramedic’ is literally “Nurse”.

Dr. Santosh Datar, Medical Director at Ziqitza Healthcare ltd says, the fact of the matter is that paramedics are not merely nurses or drivers; they’re highly trained first responders and hold advanced degrees depending on their individual specializations. While a hospital doctor will be competent in his specific area of expertise, a paramedic must be adept with a wide variety of procedures because he’ll be required to attend to a multitude of medical emergencies like burns, cardiac arrests, and physical trauma to name a few.

A person with a nursing degree or even a physician is not legally qualified to be a paramedic. The paramedical profession mandates various qualifications and training along with high standards of physical and mental fitness for one to be an authorized practitioner. While paramedics may assist doctors, highly qualified practitioners are allowed to operate autonomously. Here are just some of the many functions that paramedics perform on a regular basis:

  • Responding to emergency calls e.g. 1298, 108
  • Operating and staffing emergency vehicles like ambulances
  • Being present at public events where risks of injury are high
  • Serving as first responders to emergency situations
  • Administering first aid to the victims of injuries
  • Operating specialized medical equipment like defibrillators and ventilators
  • Transporting casualties to the hospital within the “Golden Hour”
  • Treating patients during transit
  • Calming down patients and their kin, and educating them on the situation at hand
  • Drafting reports on the patient’s condition for use by hospital staff

Being a paramedic, especially in a country like India, is a difficult and stressful job. They work in shifts which means they’re on duty at odd hours of the day and on-call 24×7, yet somehow, despite all the stress and fatigue the job entails, they somehow manage to do their duty without reservation and save human lives. Paramedics are the unsung heroes of the streets, and while we can never thank them enough, knowing who they are and what they do to keep us safe is a good start, further remarked by Dr. Datar, Ziqitza Healthcare.

Mr. Chandan Datta, Head of Government Business – Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, further says that medical emergency strikes without warning. It may be in form of an accident, fainting, high fever, mental or sudden illness. The valuable time is lost in making arrangements for the ambulance or to call a doctor.  Hence this is called the “Golden hour”. A timely intervention by a trained first aider or paramedic or a qualified health care worker may save a life, relieve pain, minimize complications and subsequent disabilities.  It is imperative that the training that Ziqitza provides equip the frontline health worker to be it Paramedic or EMT to deal with different types of medical emergencies with utmost care.

The trained team at Ziqitza Limited understands varies emergencies requirements and thus the service offering takes into account the infrastructure, location, number of people at any given time, hazards involved, working hours, proximity to the nearest health care facility, etc. Ziqitza Rajasthan has managed various corporates & government projects in the past.

About Ziqitza Healthcare Limited

Ziqitza Healthcare Limited (ZHL) is the leading provider of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in India since 2005. Our clients include hospitals, the Government, and corporate clients in India & Gulf for varied EMS requirements like Ambulances, Medical Mobile units, telemedicine, and helplines. ZHL Rajasthan & Ziqitza limited Rajasthan also have appreciated Dr. Datar & his team at Ziqitza Limited for highlighting the role of Paramedics in 108 Ambulances. We are committed to saving lives. We do this by understanding our customers’ needs and providing the best possible solutions irrespective of their location or income. The company engages over 39,000+ ambulance networks in India with services available in 750+ cities.

Ziqitza ’s focus on the vision of Saving & Enhancing Lives has helped save more than 42 million lives, and has transferred 2.5 lac corona patients and handled over 2 million telehealth calls. World Economic Forum has recognized Ziqitza as one of India’s Top 50 covid-19 last-mile responders to the pandemic. 

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