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Meet Young & Multitalented Businessman of Hyderabad Jonaiduddin Bin Tajuddin Mohammed

Meet Young & Multitalented Businessman of Hyderabad Jonaiduddin Bin Tajuddin Mohammed

Today we often see business people travel to other countries for business and stay there Lifetime for their growth; you rarely get to hear things like a businessman coming from another country and staying in India and expanding his business. 

We came to know about a talented young businessman from Saudi Arabia's Jeddah, who lived a royal life in Jeddah for 21 years, is now enjoying his life and also expanding his business in our country. Maybe he was born to live in India and expand his empire, not in Dubai but India. We are talking about young Entrepreneur Jonaid Bin Tajuddin Mohammed, who is a renowned businessman and very much famous in B-town and Telugu film Industry. Co-Owner of Bahubali Boxers & Telugu Tigers, and energetic Entrepreneur, A Philanthropist, Real Patriotic Indian. Very few know his actual name which is Jonaiduddin Mohammed as Arabic people add fathers name after their death, so Jonaiduddin too added his father's name with his name.

Jonaid Bin Tajuddin is a famous face of Hyderabad. From a few years now, he is also into the business of Mining, Consultancy Hospitality, Real Estate, trading all. Awesome to see a young guy handling such a considerable Empire with his own. Surely he has that extra edge than other people in the business when you talk about managing bigger things.

He is not finished here Jonaid is also planning to invest more in IT, as Jonaid Bin Tajuddin  Mohammed feels IT is the future in India. He thinks India is a place of opportunities. You have to be smart in indenting the right things to progress in India and if you can do that than India is a country which can give a significant return on your investments.

Jonaid love life has been in talks for many times as his name has been linked with many top actresses and Models. However, he has never talk anything related to it openly. Maybe his presence in significant B-town parties and his pictures with top models and actresses has created such news and its not a big thing, he is young, he is rich, and these rumors are part of life. Every prominent personality face this thing in their life.

Jonaid was active in Andhra Politics with Nara Chandrababu Naidu for more than a decade. His involvement is seen in many places, in Hyderabad and Andhra in politics, films, and businesses. He is starting his own sports League, Telugu Premier League, and Big Boxing Battle. 

Here's wishing enthusiastic young businessman Jonaid Bin Tajuddin AI Mohammed all the best for the future ventures and we hope he does more enjoyable things in life.

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