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Number 1 Bestselling Author in psychological thriller, Jaykay Heart releases his Debut Book- A Butterfly riddle to Rave Reviews!

Number 1 Bestselling Author in psychological thriller, Jaykay Heart releases his Debut Book- A Butterfly riddle to Rave Reviews!

Jayakrishnan Mohan AKA Jaykay Heart is a Dubai based author of Indian origin. The new age author has just released his debut book “A butterfly riddle.” Widely praised on social media by the readers, this book will make you fall in love with the gripping writing style and its fresh storyline with a unique plot building and suspense amongst the characters.


 "A butterfly riddle" apart from number 1 Bestseller rank on Amazon, the book was nominated for Salismania Choice Awards under the categories 'Best Author Award' and 'Best fiction in Mystery and thriller'.  It was further nominated for 'Impactful Authors Awards' by Criticspace Journal and won the 'Best Author Award in Psychological Thriller Genre' by Glorious India Magazine Awards. Not only this, A butterfly riddle made its way till preliminary round 'Best fiction' and 'best debut fiction' for PVLF Author Excellence Award.


Have a look at some reviews that will make you pick up and add A butterfly riddle to your bookshelf!


"A compelling mystery with all flavours of love"- Times of India

"Some things are meant to stay forever, even after life is done with. At times they become shadows, then again bright. To steer your life in various ways. Unknown at a moment, but constant as a whole. They just stay!" - Sona Ghose


Some lines from the book that will touch your heart- 


“Go home, you will find your answer”

“I was so overly excited and also tired that I didn’t even notice the change in the environment.”

“You have good friends that are willing to sacrifice all they have just to see you smile. You have no idea how lucky you are, Siddh”

-(source- A butterfly riddle)


A work of fiction that entails emotions, relations, feelings of human nature, mystery that unfold different journeys will leave you awestruck while reading the book. You will feel as if the characters are talking to you, you will feel involved and present in the incidents, especially those which happen with Siddh, the lead protagonist of the novel. Siddh is a painfully shy man obsessed with a woman he can’t have. An interior architect living in Dubai, Siddh’s life takes a drastic turn the day he and his two best friends are accused of a petty crime and a mysterious package shows up on his doorstep. A brown box, inside lays a diary, a mysterious note and a gorgeous blue 'dead' butterfly that leads Siddh and his devoted friends on a journey into his past to find answers.  A book filled with love, lust, travel and friendship. Alongside momentary upbeat humour, a mystery and triumph, A Butterfly Riddle is one riveting tale you won’t be able to put down.


Know your Author-


Jayakrishnan Mohan, AKA Jaykay Heart is an Indian Author based in Dubai. 'A Butterfly Riddle' is his debut novel. He is a daytime banking professional and night-time writer, whose interests span across books, finance, psychology, mysticism and travel. The beauty of quotes and the depth of its words always used to fascinate Jaykay. It led him to dive deeper in the world of words, thoughts and emotions. We all know it resulted as a splendid work of literature- his bestselling psychological thriller novel “A butterfly riddle.”


A butterfly riddle is available for purchase at leading e-commerce platforms. You can connect with the author at socials for more updates about his upcoming book! Yess! That's exciting news for all his fans and readers. They might expect more from him after witnessing A butterfly riddle as a megahit!



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