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“Passion & Dedication For Work Is Key To Success” Young Budding Producer Alvin Kumar “AK”

Wise and talented way beyond his young years, AK is a gifted producer on the rise in music. Born in…

“Passion & Dedication For Work Is Key To Success” Young Budding Producer Alvin Kumar “AK”

Wise and talented way beyond his young years, AK is a gifted producer on the rise in music. Born in Pittsburg, California, at age 12, he was introduced to producing when he attended a music production class. After the thrill with his first experience of creating sounds, producing became a passion of focus. His background of Indian descent are critical influences on his versatile sound. Growing up, the influences of American rap group Mob Figaz, and American famed music producers Scott Storch & Zaytoven are credited as additional reasons and interest of becoming a music producer for the American industry, and Manni Sandhu was a big inspiration for the Punjabi side of music. AK grew up in a household where music was everywhere around him. Each of his family members either sing or play an instrument. His dad and grandpa were a big influence on AK where he took interest to learn how to play instruments semi-professionally. AK plays various live instruments such as Tabla and Harmonium that he incorporates into his beats as well. We used to sit at home and have jam session every Thursday when I was growing up and that allowed me to get all the practice, I needed to master these instruments. Our family also performs for religious events at the temple or when people have prayers at their homes. IÂve always been addicted to success since a little kid. I have to succeed in everything that I do or I feel like IÂve wasted my time on that certain thing. The positive response that I get for my music is what keeps me going to push further and keeps me on the right track. The love & support for that my whole family provides me with my music career also has a positive impact on me as well.

Professional Life: Being a music producer for the American Hip Hop industry, I started off as a kid with a dream to be the top music producer for the hip-hop industry. I wouldÂve never thought that I would also be involved in the Punjabi music industry when I first started making beats. I started making rap beats at the age of 12 in my bedroom but didnÂt start taking my music career serious until the age of 16 where I produced a local hit song named ÂSnitch Food featuring Lil Blood & Lil Rue. The song had got over a million views in just a few weeks of time which was pretty amazing at that time which was nearly 10 years ago. I have worked with some of the biggest artists in the world in the hip hop industry such as: French Montana, Chris Brown, P.Diddy, Rick Ross, YFN Lucci, Roddy Ricch, Chance The Rapper, Lil Boosie, Jim Jones, Soulja Boy, Mozzy & many more. The titles for these songs were:

·         French Montana featuring P. Diddy  ÂFirst Time (Produced By AK)

·         French Montana featuring Chris Brown  ÂWave Gods Intro (Produced By AK)

·         Rick Ross, Yowda & Philthy Rich  ÂWing Stop Remix (Produced By AK)

·         YFN Lucci  ÂNever Change (Produced By AK)

·         Roddy Ricch  ÂNo Top (Produced By AK)

·         Chance The Rapper  ÂWhatÂs Next? (Produced By AK)

·         Mozzy  ÂNo Choice (Produced By AK)

In 2017, I started making Indian beats for the Punjabi industry which was heavily influenced by Manni Sandhu. Manni and I jumped on a FaceTime call and I told him that I wanted to be the first artist to have a big name in both the American music industry and the Indian music industry. From there, I have worked with plenty of well-known artists in the Punjabi music scene such as: Garry Sandhu, Mickey Singh, G. Sidhu, Kay V Singh, Akal Inder, Amar Sandhu, RamVir, Nav Sandhu, Manni Sandhu, Tyson Sidhu & many more. I have also done a few remixes for the top Indian record label in India, Speed Records. I usually channel my emotions into my beats which gives it a realistic feeling. Music can control your emotions so I tend to use my own to emulate these into sounds to hit people right in the soul to make them feel it genuinely. I also DJ here and there and have toured the USA as a DJ in cities such as:

Pittsburg, California

Seattle, Washington

San Diego, California

Reno, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

Tacoma, Washington

San Francisco, California

Dallas, Texas

Wichita, Kansas

Akron, Ohio

Los Angeles, California

Interests: Creating music, Playing live instruments, DJÂing, Basketball, Football & Soccer

Achievements: I just recently got an award for being on the top 20 on the Billboard music charts for Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums coming in at #18 which is exceptionally great. The song was from YFN LucciÂs recent project that was titled 650 Luc: Gangsta Grillz and the song title was ÂNever Change which was released on June 21st. Also, I have produced a song for Mozzy featuring Rayven Justice, titled ÂNo Choice that has surpassed 10 million views on YouTube which I also got an award for. My personal YouTube page has almost 6 million total views itself from all of the songs IÂve produced over the years. A whole bunch of my other songs that IÂve worked on have anywhere from 1 million-7million views on other pages. People that I was a fan of growing up, are actually my associates now and we work together in the music industry, which is incredibly cool. IÂve recently released a song last week called ÂLak De Hulare with an artist from New Zealand by the name of Sharan Sandhawalia. IÂve also recently released a song with IndiaÂs well-known singer, Tyson Sidhu which is titled ÂTera Pyar which had the internet buzzing with positive reviews on both of our Instagram accounts. When I first got into the Punjabi music scene my first two songs that I produced were on Kay V SinghÂs album ÂBulletproofÂ. The songs were ÂYaaran Nu which featured G. Sidhu, and the other one was titled ÂNeendÂ. Both of these songs were the top songs on his album which also has accumulated over 500k views together.

Upcoming work: I currently have my first couple of Indian singles releasing soon which features, Garry Sandhu, Nav Sandhu, Mickey Singh, Amar Sandhu, RamVir, Diljit Dosanjh, Tyson Sidhu, G. Sidhu.

My first Punjabi single is titled ÂDushmani which features Nav Sandhu which is releasing within a few weeks

My second single will be titled ÂMera Yaar which features Akal Inder

My third single will be titled ÂWallah Wallah which features Garry Sandhu

My fourth single will be with Navaan Sandhu which the title will be announced soon

My fifth single is titled ÂMunda Innocent which features Harry Lidhar

My sixth single is titled ÂI Love You which features UK singer Ricky Chohan

I also have songs lined up with Mickey Singh, Diljit Dosanjh, RamVir and Tyson Sidhu that we are currently working on together for future release.

For the American side of music, I have upcoming songs that IÂve produced on for famed artists such as: Roddy Ricch, YFN Lucci, Chris Brown, Tyga & Migos that are all set to release in the coming weeks.