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Ravi Agrawal On How He Created An Impactful Career As Politician, Social worker And Entrepreneur

One of the most prominent politicians of the City of Gates, Aurangabad is Ravi Agrawal. He is someone who believes that skills can make any person successful in this era. Ravi strongly believes that the world contains young people who have the power of bringing a change. Based in Jalna, he is also an entrepreneur who overtook his family business which was previously headed by his father Govardhan Agrawal. Ravi has highly contributed to social work and leadership skills for the betterment of other people.

Govardhan Agrawal who was a former corporate aided Ravi to attain ticket as the MLA and that’s when things took a drastic turn. But Ravi followed in the footsteps of his father. He decided to continue contributing to society and was also awarded the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini award for his work.

Ravi’s brother and father ran a grocery store and also managed a company under the name of Ram Ritesh Rolling Mill. However, in the year 1995, the steel company faced a major crisis due to which they had to sell their business.

At 22, Ravi opened a coal and iron business. He put in almost 14 years of dedication and work and finally he was able to bring Ram Ritesh Rolling Mill back to his name making his father extremely proud of him.

Today, he is successfully running multiple businesses in Jalna including Hari Om Trading, Pannarukmini Food Junction and Rupam steel which further supplies to multiple parts in the south including Kerala, Hyderabad, Gulbarga amongst many other places.

Growing up in a politically impacted environment, Ravi shared, “I have seen a lot of struggle and have built an empire from scratch. My motive is to educate and empower poor and needy people in my locality and help them start their own businesses.”

Ravi Agrawal is someone who wants to use his financial power and success to bring positive change in the society and use it to uplift others. He is definitely someone who stood by his virtues.

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