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Savin Communication manifests as the leading Digital PR marketplace in the country

Going digital is the theme of this decade, if a business does not adapt to the changing ecosystem of tech…

Savin Communication manifests as the leading Digital PR marketplace in the country

Going digital is the theme of this decade, if a business does not adapt to the changing ecosystem of tech advancements, then it will certainly perish. Owing to the worldwide changes in the way individuals perform their day-to-day activities, each firm has to adopt a tech driven mechanism which eases out the pressure on the manpower and facilitates a minimal contact system.

Savin Communication is one of those leading companies who have leveraged this phase to register a skyrocketing growth with their tech driven end to end PR abilities. Incepted in the year 2017 by Saurav Chaudhary, a Journalism graduate who has a profound PR experience, it is today one of the fastest growing Digital PR Agency committed to the changing needs of the industry.

Catering to the necessity

Having skilfully capped the necessity of several businesses in promoting their products/services with robust PR, Savin Communication has seen a whopping three times growth in their revenues during the phase of the lethal Covid-19 pandemic.

A bootstrapped firm is today generating huge revenue owing to their foresightedness when the world was gripping from the effects of Covid-19. It was the vision of Saurav Chaudhary which emulsified in making Savin a top performing PR agency that has its collaborations with over 100 media publications and associates.

The Rise of a phoenix

The year 2020 which happened to be the year of widespread chaos and shut-downs gave rise to the phoenix that Savin Communication has become today. In 2020-21, Savin Communication launched some rising verticals The PR tree  and WeTheInfluencer which received accolades from various stakeholders for their innovativeness and automations.

The PR tree is their flagship launch that broadens the horizons of a digital breakthrough. Aimed at incentivising businesses to get their stories of triumph published in some of the most renowned platforms across the globe digitally and without any human contact or hassle, the entire process from the client submitting the brief on the website to the final delivery of the links of the various deliverables was seamlessly curated digitally, promoting negligible physical contact and maximum convenience to clients.

Talking about making such disruptions in the PR market, Saurav Chaudhary says,”Since print publications were shut, we saw a huge increase in online publications which is our core service. During the lockdown, we were able to scale our business to a staggering 300 percent growth, our prime focus was on building credibility and catering to the needs of the seemingly isolated, medium and small companies because of which, we were able to disseminate more than 10,000 articles for over 3,000 clients from India and across the globe”.

Creating disruptive tendencies

At times when firms across the globe were drowning with manpower layoffs and massive salary cuts, Savin Communication undertook more hiringÂs and saw a burgeoning rise of PR campaign requests on their automated platforms.

Not only this, one aspect which has taken us by surprise was the regular functioning of their offices throughout the pandemic. The committed team at Savin has been working from their headquarters in Noida when most firms shifted to the WFH model and registered their record breaking revenue with no medical casualties only because of their disciplined approach to meeting the needs of the overarching PR requests.

“We followed all the safety precautions inside the company and our manpower worked each day without any medical issues. This calculated decision brought a ball game change into steering more than 3 times growth in our general revenue which was different than many organisations that were facing manpower cuts and sudden decline in their revenues. We knew this was the golden period to leverage our brand to the top and we actually expanded our team with more hirings”, adds Saurav Chaudhary on their revolutionary approach in the midst of the pandemic.

In a nutshell, with their various innovations and  tech driven platforms that have made way for their manpower to only spend their energies on the most pressing tasks, Savin Communication has become an exemplary business model for the industry to adhere and swear by.