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ScoutMyTrip’s Vineet Rajan – The Road Tripping Entrepreneur

So Know Who Vineet Rajan Is Vineet is a south Indian by birth but he’s mostly only seen South Delhi.…

ScoutMyTrip’s Vineet Rajan – The Road Tripping Entrepreneur

So Know Who Vineet Rajan Is

Vineet is a south Indian by birth but heÂs mostly only seen South Delhi. His mom was a journalist and dad a telecom engineer; both of whom rose through the ranks in their respective lines of work. His brother is also a techie and is based in the UK. To sum it up – his family has shaped his professional outlook in life, which is defined by hard work and creativity. 

His parents moved a lot, so the taste of travel and road trips has been around since childhood. His mom also wrote about it in this blog post.  

Vineet is today directly managing a team of around 40 members who look into the core operations of ScoutMyTrip and The Road Trips Co which are in the travel and mobile tech space.  

ScoutMyTrip is a road trip itinerary planner with a market place of travel experts. It has been helping people plan their road trip holidays to explore our beautiful country for 2 years now. With over 30,000 active users and over 2000 trips planned, it is all led by a core community of travel experts referred to as ÂScoutsÂ. Sitting in the hotbed of e-commerce, travel and mobile tech; ScoutMyTrip is now hitting the growth stage in its lifecycle.  

With a strong technology as the backbone, the platform has custom-made algorithms that simplify your travel planning. This app merges the tools required to plan a road trip with the support of a large community that helps you better understand and experience your destination, as well as the journey. 

ScoutMyTrip aims to create the next wave of employment in India by giving a viable career option to the many travel experts, in various parts of the country, access to a large traveler base who seek curated experiences and itineraries. 


  • 2007: Co-founded IndiBlogger 
  • 2007: Co-founded reltok
  • 2008: Graduated from MBA
  • 2008 Â 2009: First and only job 
  • 2009: Quit corporate role to build IndiBlogger full time. Shuts down reltok.
  • 2016: Exits IndiBlogger. Co-founds ScoutMyTrip with Deepak Ananth 
  • 2017: Raises Angel round of funding from Z Nation Labs for ScoutMyTrip 
  • 2018: Starts The Road Trips Co Âwhich is now IndiaÂs biggest vehicle-agnostic community for road trippers

The average Indian boy

Till the age of 23, Vineet would have been called quintessential Indian boy who grew up by first nurturing ambitions of becoming an engineer and then joined a premier B-School for an MBA degree. It all ended in 2009 when he called it quits with a well-paying corporate job and went back to his first venture full time (IndiBlogger) with absolutely no business plan. 

Maximum City and the discovery of a passion

He moved to Mumbai with a couple of bags in his hand, after selling off all he owned; including a car. With the savings he had, he bought a bike. He went by the moniker  The guy who sold his car to buy the Royal Enfield Bullet. 

He grew revenues to $1M in 2014. All this was with an 8-member team, and the revenues they were plowing could give any large digital agency nightmares. 

Following the passion 

In 2016, he went back to his love of biking and co-founded ScoutMyTrip with longtime biker buddy Deepak Ananth. 

  • Made famous as one of the first bullet-baraats on 22 Royal Enfield bikes at his wedding in 2013.
  • Road tripped over 300,000 kilometers on two wheels and four

Set two records for ScoutMyTrip, filed in India Book of Records 2017 

  • For Highest Bloggers meet (Khadung La, Ladakh) at 5359m
  • First Bloggers meet at Khardung La, Ladakh at 5359m

Short Bio of Vineet – He’s usually found on the highway and a die-hard Old Monk lover. Marketer, community manager and pretty much the office boy/admin. Carnivore.