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Shocking Case Of Medical Negligence In Gurugram: Left Kidney Punctured Instead Of Right

Yet another shocking case of medical negligence came to fore in Gurugram where the doctors risked the life of a patient in an attempt to hide their folly. The doctors punctured the left kidney of a patient, who was diagnosed with stones in her right kidney.

Having realized their mistake, the surgeon then operated her right kidney to remove the kidney stone. Due to the callousness of the hospital and the patient started bleeding profusely but the hospital administration continued to hide the entire issue until the case went out of their hands. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the family members of patient shifted to another hospital Medanta, the family was shocked to know about Pushpanjali hospital's blunder and their attempts to cover-up.

The patient, Sheela Devi - who is a resident of Rohtak - and her husband registered a complaint with the police and the Health Minister of Haryana about the gross medical negligence and sought justice.

Sheela Devi's husband Ajay Kumar, who is an advocate by profession, informed that his wife was admitted to Pushpanjali Hospital (Gurugram) on May 27, 2019, after she was diagnosed with a stone in her right kidney. On May 28, Dr. SP Yadav said that they'll perform an endoscopy to remove the stone.

Ajay Kumar has alleged that her wife was operated by Dr. SP Yadav's wife and not him. "The lady doctor was completely unaware about the medical condition of the patient and she punctured the left kidney instead of right. While her husband was continually busy on mobile phone and didn't even care to have a look at the patient. Having realised her folly, their doctors then punctured the right kidney of my wife and quickly performed the surgery and removed the stone. According to medical practitioners, both the kidneys couldn't be operated at the same time because it is risk-prone but the doctors here played with the life of my wife to cover up their blunder."

"Moreover, when my wife came out of the operation theatre she was bleeding profusely to which Dr. SP Yadav said it happened by mistake and he assured they'll take care of it. Later, they took the patient again to the operation theatre and a stent was inserted in her kidney but that worsened things. Her stomach started swelling and when her condition got out of their control, they referred us to Medanta Hospital.

"The doctors at Medanta Medicity revealed us about the negligence performed during the surgery in the first place. The surgeons here informed that both the kidneys should not be touched upon at the same time during a surgery hence the doctors at Pushpanjali risked the life of the patient," he complained further.

The victim has now submitted a complaint to the Commissioner of Police, Health Minister (Haryana), Chief Minister, and Medical Council of India and requested to investigate the entire matter.

The victim has also registered a complaint with Chief Minister Grievances Redress and Monitoring Cell in Haryana. The concerned office has assured that they have taken cognizance of the matter and are looking into it.

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