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The Change In Careers Is Simply Passion, Says Sakeem Khan

The Change In Careers Is Simply Passion, Says Sakeem Khan

In order to have a closer look into the life of Sakeem Khan, we must begin from the beginning and not focus on the generalisation that is being followed by the people of the society.

It begins with Sakeem Khan's grandfather as he sat in the leading position of a Sarpanch and continues to be so for more than 30 years. He was also the head of a few other departments since then on, never stopping in between to consider any other factors and serving the people of Haryana through the government, using the best of his efforts. Rahisa Khan, Sakeem’s father was a man with a lot of political opinions too and managed to portray all of this by holding more than 2 prestigious positions. First, he was the MLA from 2017 to 2019, then he was the minister from 2014 to 2019. The Waqf Board in Haryana too saw his lead as the chairman. A few other family members followed them in such prospects, which led to his uncle becoming the MLA alongside being the minister for quite some time. Now, generally, it would be expected that he would also be a popular minister in Haryana after growing up in such a family.

You never know when life is about to take a mysterious turn, and you would be interested in so many different things, discovering the world which is full of opportunities waiting for you to just go out and grab them. Sakeem Khan followed this by heart!

It did not take too long for him to realise that he was not made for politics, he was built different, mostly investing in the field of entrepreneurship and dreaming of becoming a successful entrepreneur when he grows up. Never giving up on his dreams, he slowly started to establish his start ups. Knowing a lot about leadership qualities and time management, he essentially invested in two companies come up one of them was a stone-crushing company that was a raw materials provider an another is also a raw material provider but it is also already good, the petrol pump company. Mr. Khan happens to be the manager in the cooperative bank. He leads a very busy at successful life.

Sakeem Khan always focuses on the society and its welfare means, as is taught by his family members who have done the same for decades. What is the use of all the excess if he cannot provide a better life to someone else with it? Only if many entrepreneurs were like him, this would have been a better place to live in.

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