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’True Media’ the new success mantra for blockbuster movies

’True Media’ the new success mantra for blockbuster movies

Himanshu Bansal, Nitin Vilecha, Yogesh Vilecha - The group of three hard-working people have made it huge. Giving the entertainment industry the flavor it needs, they have become unstoppable. Producing music videos, being digital partners to several blockbuster movies and also helping artists to maintain their social media accounts have been their utmost motive.

Since 2018, True Media has been one of the most trusted organizations when speaking about digital success in the entertainment industry. True Media has been digital partners for these super blockbusters- “High Attitude, Shy ,Lagda Na Dil , Do or Die , Only Yaar, High Temper, Eid krade. Etc.” They were not in the same position as they are today as we speak of. These three people have been constant pillars to each other and have used their knowledge on this field to their full potential. Himanshu Bansal in his interview with us said, “It was not as easy as it seems today. There had been a real struggle when we three decided to start off with this company. Our basic work was to manage and maintain social media accounts for the artists. Later we started to work on music videos and also collaborating as digital partners in movies. For us, it was never an issue as to who had to do what. Everybody was very much engrossed in their own department which finally made it a success.” Undoubtedly, we acknowledge the fact that their hard work has been paying off since the day they have started working.

To be fair, we cannot ignore the competition in the entertainment world. For the past 2 years, True Media have successfully worked with more than a hundred artists namely, Gagan Sharma, Maz Bonafide, Bilal Saeed, Happy Singh, Anjaan, Khan Saab etc. The accuracy and innovation in their field of work cannot be flawed for sure. To elaborate their work, they have collaborated with music labels like T-series, Zee Music Company, White Hill, Sony Music, Eros Music and so on. In conversation with Nitin Vilecha, we learned about the personal equation between the three entrepreneurs along with their working styles. Casually talking he said “We have been friends all along and each one of us enjoys their part of the job quite a lot. All three of us are very comfortable with each other’s working styles. Giving space and environment that helps us to accomplish the task we are assigned for, has been our foremost concern. We also make it very comfortable for the artists that we are working with. To be honest, all three of us trust each other completely and we respect our contribution as well.

He added, ”The success that we are talking about today and we are sitting at an interview means a lot to us. We never underestimate the competition and we definitely make it a point to maintain our relations with our clients for long term working processes. Working on the digital success of a movie or a music video is a very important responsibility for us. We cannot  mess around with it but we also do not make it difficult for the artists to get comfortable.”

The digital world is chaos and vast in itself. Making a mark in this world and having an audience that would be all ears to the efforts made by True Media is worth appreciating. Being a part of huge blockbusters, getting to know and maintain working relationships with artists and collaborating with such music labels must be considered a milestone in their journey.

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