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“We Are Trying To Reach & Ensure, No Person To Sleep Without A Meal,” Pandit Devkinandan Thakur

We the humans’ lookout to share. Be it happiness or suffering; we want someone to be out there, holding our hands and supporting us through our ways. Our social nature is what differentiates us, and this is what is helping around all, at the time of this lockdown and the distress of pandemic. We are trying our best possible, and so are the governments of all those countries, which came together to help each other and provide everything they can. On the one hand, where these officials and holders of authority are trying to keep us safe and ensure our well-being, there are some people around too who are not just trying to help the government fight against the coronavirus but are also assuring that the nearby families don’t suffer. Considering them, Pandit Devkinandan Thakur, the Bhagwat Katha Vachak  & Spiritual Guru, is one among those who ensured that the society they live in doesn’t suffer either due to financial or mental stress. He said, 

“he who is capable must make sure to give a helping hand.” 

And this is what they are trying to do. Thakur Ji felt devastated, sitting inside and doing nothing but seeing the misery around. He wanted to do something, at least for what was within his capability, and that’s it, one thought, and there came in a start.

                 “For ones who will help, they find nothing in their dictionary called an excuse.”

The words of Thakur Ji have always helped us around to attain a peace of mind, and now Thakur Ji, the founder of Vishwa Shanti Sewa Charitable Trust stepped up together with his pupils and other organization members to help in the situation of distress too. 

The days of lockdown have been too distasteful for the people and especially for the daily wage earners and the poor who fought against the virus and the financial crisis also. Being well aware of the same, what the least he could offer was delivering the essentials in and around Mathura-Vrindavan, and he started doing so along with his pupils and members of Vishwa Shanti Mission Organization. He further also ensured his preaching to reach out to his followers through all his social media handles (having more than 20 lacs followers and subscribers) and included the message to follow around the government provided measures and to stay home. Apart from the same, he, along with his disciples and organizational support, pledged contributing to the government created funds, an amount of 51 lacs. Eleven lacs were deposited in the PM care fund, and ten lacs is being used for delivering essentials around.

Masks, sanitizers, gloves, Dettol, etc., for people safety together with bare essentials like flour, lentils, spices, oil, vegetables, etc. have also been ensured to be distributed amidst the daily wage earners and labor sections. As for what is known as per the count available by the organization, 1500+ families have been helped to date by supplying them with essentials required during the pandemic. Apart from the same, few of the organizations, disciples, and their families, they were also requested by Thakur Ji to take a step ahead and contribute towards what we earn from. Best is that his followers are stepping up. In the words of the organization Secretary Vijay Sharma, a follower from Bangalore, Dr. Mukesh Sharma did make a contribution of 22 Lacs in the government funds. 

“None of the efforts goes to waste, only and only if, the same is made from the heart.” Right are the words of Thakur Ji as from what is seen, from many states like Kanpur, Prayag, Patna, and so on, many of the organization set-ups are trying to help people with whatever they can. Dozens of families staying in different colonies of Mathura-Vrindavan are being reached out with essentials through the members of Vishwa Shanti’s mission with the Secretary on the field, who ensures that social distancing is maintained and no-touch delivery can be functional. Apart from all, those who reached out to Thakur Priyakant Ju Mandir and registered their names, also have been helped by the organization.

“Together, we fight, together we abide. For the rules of government is for the well-being of all.”

Spreading around this message, Pandit Devkinandan Thakur, through his online preaching, is reaching out to significant people and ensuring the calmness within their chaotic or depressed minds. He was also seen thanking all those real-life warriors like the cleaners, the doctors and the officials together with the media who are risking their lives and fighting against the deadly coronavirus, for us. We might be within the four walls, but a simple appreciation and a little concern is something we can offer in our words for them. Thakur Ji was also found thanking the citizens in between his preaching as for they too are doing what is possible for them by staying home after all this is how we are showing our true patriotism and care for humanity. Apart from the same, he also ensures that his pupils follow the social distancing measure just as the government asked to.

By all means, his words, his help, his ideas and his support, Thakur Ji is making his efforts to ensure whatever he can do towards the society as this is where we live in this is where we earn from and “a little of contribution won’t take our future away. It will just ensure someone’s good presence today.” So, we must all step up and help and make this society the best in during the distress as when we win this, we would need our loved ones back again, safe and secure, and happy.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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