We Live In A Digital Ecosystem and Digital Advertising Is Booming Says Jitesh Tilwani

Digital Advertising can turn business fortunes from Zero to millions & billions to based on the efforts. But for that, you need an expert who understands the concept of business and applies his/her tactics to take clients business or individual popularity to a distinct level. We have heard about Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin and many ultra mind influencers who are changing the world with their skills and magic work of Digital Marketing.

Jitesh Tilwani a Software Developer by profession and a Digital Marketer by Interest is changing the rules of Advertising and Marketing digitally.

The digital marketing landscape in India has been on a steady growth for the last two decades, mostly due to the increasing accessibility to the internet and the proliferation of mobile users. The current internet penetration in India is at 35%, but it’s projected that by 2025, the Indian population with access to the web will touch a magic figure of 55%.

Jitesh said, “I never thought of this that I need to try one thing like this and enter this field of Advertising and promoting, back in the college days I was running one blog which was related to entertainment so I interviewed few Youtuber’s and Celebrities , I never thought about earning from that I just used to do it for my Interest but after a few months the media agencies got in touch with me and they offered a good price for advertising for their clients. Then I thought about how to increase this business and how powerful digital advertising is. According to me, Digital marketing gives a wide exposure to your business as compared to traditional offline channels. All you need to do is to insert a social media plug-in in your online website manifesting your online visibility with facebook likes or twitter shares etc. Further, you need to keep updating your promotions through product news, discounts, upcoming items, etc. You will surely feel astonished with the outcomes. You can build a good reputation with a fast pace through digital marketing. It offers you a platform to communicate and interact with your customers through your website, e-mail, various social media channels. This way you ought to build a long-lasting bonding by answering their doubts and queries eventually getting a good reputation.”

At present Jitesh is the owner of ‘Examplad Media & Advertising’ which is own firm providing clients the service of Digital Marketing and Advertising.


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