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What These Internet Entrepreneurs Have To Say About Coronavirus?

Coronavirus occurrence is proving to be harmful to the globe with international cases reaching 171,112 with price crossing six,526.

Continuous funds square measure being raised by the United Nations and United Nations agency to facilitate the analysis for vaccines against this novel virus.

The scientific communities across the globe have galvanized to search out an answer for this pandemic.

The unfolding of this virus is ever-changing by the day and even by the hour.

It’s a worldwide emergency and threatening lives moreover as a business all across the globe.

Following are the parts where technology is helping to fight this deadly disease:

“AI-powered systems square measure being developed for the detection of those diseases with a lot of accuracies. Alibaba has recently claimed to develop a replacement AI system that may find coronavirus in CT scans of patients with a ninety-six accuracy rate as compared to virus infection cases. It guarantees a lot of accuracy and cuts down the time needed for detection to solely twenty seconds. this is often a revolutionary improvement since different ways take around 15–20mins for analysis of CT scans.” – Oliver Smith, Editor, The Capital Mag.

Other than this regarding the state of Work-From-Home over the globe, this is the things were people in the SAAS industry can leverage:

“It’s great to see the growth graph of a startup used for remote work. That’s a nice curve, I thought. Then I realized the scale on the x-axis was days. People getting into a startup has a huge chance where they are been imposed on the beta phase of ultimate validation, If you can think of something new you can do that person need now, it may not only help you scrape by, but will also help all those people.” – Mahesh Jadhav, CEO, Brackets Infinity

“Social distancing isn’t too hard for me to do personally as I don’t mind being in the comfort of my own home but as a parent of a social five-year-old, I know the difficult time will arrive depending on how long we need to stay indoors. This got me thinking about how people interact socially. Before this pandemic, I would notice people constantly using their technology devices and not interact with people right in front of them. Now here we are in a state of emergency and people are craving the need to interact in person. Irony at its finest if you ask me.” – Melanie Braga, Editor, The Baby Spot

It may seem like an inconvenience and yes this will impact the economy but it will save lives. So let us stay calm, show compassion, be kind and we will get through this together.

To protect yourself from the Corvid-19 virus, there are steps that you can do and if we all do them we will be on the right path.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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