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You Got it Right !! “ So “ You live it right!!! – By AK

Living a life with passion Vs living a life with a pressure to keep others happy is what most of us sail through and never realize it.

Everyone’s right to life is different and the choices we make define us.

Passion always takes a set back and we chase the choices we have made sometimes not even realizing if this is what we want for our own selves.

I often ask myself 2 questions, if not me then who? If not now then when? 

Making the right choices is the key to live it right…

Live it right, is a platform that certainly feeds the like minds who feel age is just a number and go after passion.

I am Ashwin Kumar and Live it is a space that I want you all to share with me to create, curate, and inspire people with zeal towards their passion and personal interests. This platform does not only serve as a blog but an Aura of passionate minds coming to gather to make belief passion Vs Age is the way of life and age is just a number.

No preaching, no training, no coaching, no guidance…

Live it is a pure passion and inspiration for people who want to tell and share stories to communicate what is happy, healthy, and passionate living. ……. !!

You got it right, ‘So’  Live it right.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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