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Young Entrepreneur & Lifestyle Blogger Gauri Mehta Is New Fashion Diva

Young Entrepreneur & Lifestyle Blogger Gauri Mehta Is New Fashion Diva

You get lots of beautiful intelligence people in the world as a top businessman and woman, but very rare are born with a gifted talent and charming personality. "Gauri Mehta" a stunning beauty from Dubai, is blessed with attractive looks and active brain.

What should we call her, a content creator whose content is famous worldwide? A stunning and beautiful model? Fashion Diva? Alternatively, and Entrepreneur?

Gauri Mehta is blessed with superb talent; this young girl is gorgeous, A Diva no less than a top model, she has that curves and face which can swiftly become show stopper in a big production fashion house.

Gauri Mehta is based in Dubai. She started as a fashion and lifestyle blogger, who has a massive fan following than many other content creators in the world. Her fans list is growing with top celebrities and vast audiences around the world.

Her beauty has won hearts of many not only that she has beauty pageants too, She was featured in 2016 Femina Miss India, and she has also won campus Princess title at an early age. She has worked with A grade fashion Brands who are widely famous like Fashion nova, Wellington, Klasse14, shop mango people, and she has also been Brand Ambassador of Jewellery brands like Rah jewelry, Uff!!! The list is not over yet, as she is the face of top hotels in Dubai like Sheraton, Sofitel Dubai, Voco and many more.

Her talent has helped her gain lots of popularity worldwide and die hearts fans of her beauty. She is an institution; young girls can learn lots of things from her about how to use social media and how can you grow your popularity. Gauri Mehta is a social media influencer famous for her pictures, videos, and content. Her Instagram fan list is growing at a rapid speed, which shows her popularity. Her career graph has seen an upward trend over the past few years.

Gauri is shifting gear to the top by starting a new venture called "Golden Girl Studio" in that she is going to showcase top cosmetic products and accessories for women. Her fashion will surely work in her business, and undoubtedly she is going to rock, and we are damn sure that this Diva is going to make it big as an Entrepreneur too. After all, she is born to win in life. Add this as another achievement in her life at a young age.

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