It was this time in the last year when I heard hideous tales from people, the plot of the whole…


It was this time in the last year when I heard hideous tales from people, the plot of the whole story being Coronavirus. It was this time, in the last year, when my heart often melted with tears dwindling down the cheeks as I witnessed the world rolling amidst obstreperous incidents and wild frantic chaos. It was during this time, last year when I had written an article called ÂThis phase shall pass soon published in a book named  CONJURING CHAOSÂ.

Here I come again, with a heavy heart, with my fingers moving desperately over the laptopÂs keypad, with my brain trying to scrutinize many ineffable emotions, condensing them into a few words.

Dear readers, IÂm penning the personal experience of my uncle who was tested Covid positive. ALERT! Let your heart flow with my words seamlessly for a while, let your brain freeze for a few minutes, because IÂm trying to make it worthy, useful, and inspiring too!

My uncle, a person very dear to me, my guide in all phases that have passed and that are yet to come, and a person with a pure soul and a spiritually motivating aura.

AHH yes! He, my aunt, and my sweet little sister ( who isnÂt little, but will remain to me) were tested positive few days ago and that was the beginning of the serendipity of many confusing events. The start wasnÂt scary and horrifying. But probably fate wanted to teach us some indelible lessons and unassailable morals, so it decided to proceed with its plans. Soon my uncleÂs condition demanded the need of hospitals and yes, the need of the most vital and the very essence of human existence- Oxygen! But India was and is still in the pity of the whole world, facing shortages of beds, oxygen cylinders. But the same India also has people who have brotherhood imbibed in them and the culture of togetherness( started even before the British era) embedded in their roots. We are blessed with such people, and our relatives somehow managed to arrange the bed in the hospital. And then, what began was the ocean of sinusoidal waves! Soon they had a CT scan was done which revealed unsatisfactory results. It read, 75% pneumonia and lung fibrosis that came as FREE OFFERS from Post covid complications. He was on continuous oxygen supply and same days his oxygen levels would fall dreadfully.

This is one side of the story. One among the other tricks played by the witchcraft of Covid was making us feel helplessly inhumane. While my aunt was away taking care of my uncle, my sister was all alone at home. Neither could I caress her in my arms nor could I even meet her amidst her days of struggles. Though the sky was inhabited with dark clouds, there was one star that twinkled with hope. It twinkled with the news that my grandmother was tested negative. We, as per the directions, had to isolate her. This was also stressful as she was old, to be confidently left alone.

Coming back to the first side, my uncle was still struggling, gasping for oxygen sometimes and often falling prey to pessimism. As I mentioned earlier, we had some beautiful people who kept his taste intact with homemade food. The doctor would go on rounds and sometimes give dispiriting replies. And any ring of the phone at home would make us frightened. Aunt too was all alone, in these messes. She was too courageous and strong enough to handle the waves.

ThereÂs an unseen part of the story which was the condition of all the people who loved my uncle! Beginning with my mother- the sisterÂs heart often went out to her brotherÂs while her trembling hands folded in unquestionable faith and devotion. My grandmother- the same mother who would run to her son when he caught a simple cold, was now helplessly away, just chanting prayers. My sister- a daughterÂs emotions of not being around her dad for many days.

So all in all, Covid had managed to torture us in terms of health, emotions, and mental strength! But we believed the idiom  Good things come to those who wait in this perfect storm! And we waited, waited with patience, faith, optimism, hope.

Things began to improve. Uncle seemed to be responding well! But now, he needed the comfort of the home. That was his adamant demand! After all these struggles, it felt that the hidden warrior in my uncle was basking in the glory of victory. The struggle is still on. His recovering phase has just begun and he will soon bounce back with good health!

Why did I write this? Just to condense the events that almost turned everything upside down!. Just to inspire a few ones who are losing hope.

Have the mettle in your faith. Let there be valor in our optimism. Let us spend our time with the ones we love! Let us be crazily cautious but not scared. Know that we belong to the nation that stood against all odds. We belong to a world that is godÂs creation and hence we are also his creations. Let’s believe that times change, and this too will!

THANK YOU readers for swinging with me for this while, and feeling my words!