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Musicology announces winners of international talent awards- M.I.T.A. 2021

A unique online platform for music lovers to get recognised There are many online events and contests related to music,…

Musicology announces winners of international talent awards- M.I.T.A. 2021

A unique online platform for music lovers to get recognised

There are many online events and contests related to music, but only a few online events are such that are very popular among music lovers. One such online music contest is ÂM.I.T.A. i.e. “Musicology International Talent Awards”. Performing arts institution ÂMusicology conducts these Awards. Music students and music lovers from all over the world participate in MITA and the winners receive the prestigious MITA award. Music lovers whether they are school-college students, working professionals or home makers may apply for these awards. Certificates are issued to all participants and winners which can be used to enhance oneÂs profile.

Recently the MITA Awards for the year 2021 were announced for different categories. The awards were announced by renowned actress Delnaaz Irani along with Musicology director Manisha Dixit. Manisha Dixit said, ÂThis year we received thousands of applications for MITA from all over the world. Out of all these applications, we shortlisted about 1,100 contestants and then picked the winners in different categories. The main categories are according to the level of the applicants such as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Apart from this, there is a ‘junior’ category for small children.

This time MITA awards were given to winners in different categories of singing and instruments like Guitar, Piano, Drums and Keyboard etc. Some of the winners are Garima Moudgil (Vocals) – Australia, Aarushi Sharma (Vocals) – USA, Saksham Srivastava (Guitar) – Noida, Praneeth Reddy (guitar) – USA, Kavya Jain (vocals) -Sweden,Yashoman R.dixit (Keyboard) -Noida, Drishti Goel (vocals) -Agra, Ashima Ahlawat (piano) – Noida. Arvind R (Vocals) – Kerala, Suvarna Sharma (Vocals)- West Bengal, Rakshay Gupta ( Keyboard) – Ghaziabad , Neil Rastogi (Keyboards) – USA , Angad, Ashmit and Saashi ( keyboard) UAE, Aaron ( Keyboard) Oman. Gia and Samidh ( keyboard) , London U.K. and Kuhu Marwah (Vocal) – Noida.

When asked about the unique features of MITA, Director Manisha Dixit said, ÂIn order to maintain a certain level of awards, we have fixed a course for the applications. Anyone who applies for the MITA award has to complete this special course. It becomes very easy for the students who are already learning through online courses offered by Musicology Academy. These students are already familiar with this course. Though this award is open to all and anyone can apply. They can prepare for this course and apply for awards. There are two benefits to the applicants – they get to learn quality music and also get an MITA certificate.

Full information regarding MITA can be obtained by applying on our website or by contacting us at our phone numbers.Â

When asked about the online courses offered by the academy of Musicology, Manisha says, ÂMusicology has been providing quality music education to the students since the year 2003 and we are proud to be recognized as one of the best music education institutes in India. We are also very grateful to our students and their parents who have always given so much love to musicology. On the request of many of our students, we started online music courses in the year 2012. For this we have prepared our new syllabus, books and app especially for online music classes. Today, more and more people are showing interest in Âlive online music classes. We are glad that with our experience in online music training we are able to provide quality music education to students all over the world.Â

Is online music training as effective as offline? When asked, Manisha says, ÂAt Musicology, we have made online music classes very effective by working on it a long time ago. Over the years, we have developed a method that not only makes online music education possible but in many ways makes it better than offline. This is the reason why today students of all ages from all over the world are learning with our award-winning online music courses. Not only this, Musicology is also running its training program in schools and institutions. Asked about the unique features of Musicology’s online courses, Manisha says, ÂThese courses are specially designed for online music lessons. Students take live classes and learn with the help of online app and books. We have developed different courses for all age groups. Our founder Anurag Dixit has developed these courses with more than 20 years of experience in performing and teaching music. Apart from being one of the most popular artists in pop music, Anurag is an award winning music educator. He has trained thousands of students since 2003. His students include MTV artists and music industry professionalsÂ.

Manisha Dixit also said Âthe online music school offers courses with different grades and the training is imparted through step by step method. This makes learning music much easier.

Apart from songs, all the courses include technical exercises, theory, ear training, and music language which are taught with proper methods. All the teachers of musicology are given special training by the directors and experts. They start teaching in musicology only after extensive training. All the teachers teach the students through the same curriculum and methods to ensure that the students get uniform experience.”

After completing the course in musicology, students get a certificate that is recognized by the registered institution. Students who complete courses of more than three years are also eligible for LOR (Letter of Recommendation) which helps in improving their profile. These certificates and LORs are helpful in college admissions and job interviews.

Complete information regarding musicology online music courses can be found on its website