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Ozo Kitchen redefines the way kitchens are sold

A modular kitchen with astute embellishments, appealing inherent sinks, and a wide scope of electronic machine brands, Ozo Kitchen strives…

Ozo Kitchen redefines the way kitchens are sold

A modular kitchen with astute embellishments, appealing inherent sinks, and a wide scope of electronic machine brands, Ozo Kitchen strives to renovate the way traditional Indian kitchens are built. Manufacturing aesthetically pleasing and functional kitchens, they have established a mark on the industry.

Based out of Bangalore, Ozo Kitchen which is a subsidiary of Magnon India has been in the business of Modular Kitchen Manufacturing and Interior Designing for over 6 years. Mr. Radhakrishnan. RK, Founder & CEO of both Magnon and Ozo see a very bright future for both brands. Ozo Kitchen caters to Modular Kitchen affordability and Magnon is to create lifestyle Interiors and giving clients End-to-End Interior Solutions. 

He has the dream to make Ozo Kitchen a brand associated with Quality and Affordability and also make a change in how cooking is done in every household in India. He also gives emphasis on hygiene while cooking. 

With the Backing of Magnon Interiors who has successfully Delivered 1500 Kitchens in Bangalore with 99% customer satisfaction, Ozo Kitchen will be a successful brand in India. Mr.Bhagat JK, Who Heads the Production and Execution Team at Ozo Kitchen feels the model is absolutely unique and every single kitchen is individually planned and made with utmost precession. With our experience and a high degree of automation and Process, we should be able to Delivery our Kitchen in just 14 days, while we make it look easy, our technicians, designers, work with an impassioned quest for finding innovative solutions on daily basis, these knowledge has been patiently acquired and zealously maintained so that we continuously improve our systems and services to give our clients a delight whenever he visits us. 

Ms.Suma  Heads the Design for Ozo Kitchen, Quality made in India  Perceptible in every Ozo Kitchen. We follow the entire cycle from Concept-Design-Production- Installation, and Hand-over very strictly with the right kind of checks and audits, We follow all these processes stringently. 

Ozo Kitchen always attaches the most importance to the satisfaction of the customers. We have a bridle-wise professional after-sales service team to provide location-based service. Quick responses, the right solution, and efficient on-site disposal are our tenets. Our services team will help with all your after-sales service, we work closely with our vendor partner agents across all locations. 

Planning to open their branches in Cochin, Chennai, and Hyderabad in the coming years, they are known for their fast delivery of cost-effective and Reliable Products in the market. The modular kitchen business is in its nascent stage as of now and it’s growing every day. Ozo Kitchen plans to grab this opportunity and lead the way to triumph with its impeccable services. They see next big growth in the modular kitchen will come in Kitchen refurbishing.

They take full responsibility from the dismantling of the existing kitchen, remodeling the new plans, giving a variety of design options, to completing all the basic activities like plumbing, flooring, roofing, debris clearing, and civil work. Having said that, they make sure that all the work is carried out correctly with all necessary checklists and quality and giving clients commitment on the start and end date of any project that is taken on board. 

Ozo Kitchen, throughout the long term, has had the option to fabricate a brand an incentive for itself among its opposition. While endeavoring to convey kitchens in the guaranteed time, they never compromise on the clientÂs spending plan and quality. Their group of besuited installers, planners, and site administrators run various quality control tests before the final kitchen arrives at the doorstep.