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247FITDOC- An initiative by Dr. Sukrit Bajpai to fulfil his dream of a fitter India

When fitness and medicine go hand in hand, the outcome can ensure a healthier, fitter India. A dream that Dr. Sukrit Bajpai has been tirelessly working on. Dr Sukrit is a medical professional and a certified nutritionist, aiming to spread awareness about fitness in a comprehensive yet sustainable manner. Apart from treating people for their illnesses, he aims to provide them with a healthier lifestyle. A way of life. A practical approach that lasts a lifetime.

To bring his dream to reality, he started a fitness startup called 247fitdoc, three years ago, by way of which, he is able to provides scientific information and tips for a healthy lifestyle to those interested. He aims to provide credible, evidence-based fitness information, which anyone can use, follow and practice sans doubt or apprehension. He has already been able to successfully train and transform lives of more than 1000 people with his revolutionary “12 Weeks Lifestyle Plan” which is a one-of-its- kind, comprehensive fitness plan for a healthier lifestyle. He has several followers who are already following and many who are enthusiastically waiting to follow the said plan. The reason there is a long wait list is that he pays great attention to each member personally and those enrolled with him, never find themselves stranded. He takes joy in being their guiding light.

His approach is very unique and structured, based on the person’s routine, making it easier for them to follow and ultimately develop a sustainable lifestyle. He has already helped people with diseases/symptoms such as Diabetes, Hypertension, PCOS, Obesity, High Cholesterol, Thyroid disorders, chronic lower back pain etc., and has been providing a suitable and personalized plan to follow and meet specific needs.

Striving to make his dream come true, he runs a free online O.P.D. every week, for anyone and everyone to be able to reach him and get tips for their health journey and goals. He has uploaded various videos & posts on his Instagram @drsukritbajpai and has covered all the basic information that one needs to follow, to eat, sleep, exercise and most importantly, live better.

With a dedicated heart such as his, more and more people can be seen joining him on his journey and following his footsteps. Dr. Sukrit Bajpai is always ready to help anyone. With a steady, evidence-based, customized approach, he has become one of the most popular and reliable mentors for people wanting to transform their lives.

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