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A Car Enthusiast- Junaid Khan Shares His Journey And Reveals Who Is His Inspiration

Every successful business is once a dream. To venture into a field and start something new takes a lot of courage and dedication that only a few people have. One of those people is Junaid Khan. A Calcutta boy, who soon after completing his schooling started doing events with popular DJs and well-known music producers like Nucleya. But there was something else that held his heart’s interest. It was his love for cars and his determination of becoming one of the top sellers of cars. An entrepreneur by profession, Junaid Khan is a master of many arts. Not only owns several car and bike showrooms in and around Kolkata but also owns a real estate company named ‘Automate Living’.

Junaid Khan started small with a 100 square-feet office in Kolkata in the year 2016 with his company named ‘Automate’. He was only 21 years old when he planned on opening up his own business. What was more challenging was that he did not receive the support of his father in the beginning. Although after excelling with the choices he made, his father feels proud of him and is happy to see his son grow to such a great extent. Currently, Junaid Khan has expanded his office to a 12,000 square feet showroom and is working tirelessly to be amongst the top 5 pioneers of India in the car and bike industry.

Expanding his reach to Mumbai, Car Entrepreneur Junaid Khan plans on establishing a showroom there as well. His journey that started from selling Hyundai i10 is now in the phase where he owns Lamborghini and Bentley in his showroom. The modifications done by him in the cars increase their values and allow him to sell them at higher prices. This shows his level of expertise in this industry and just how much he is dedicated to making it even bigger in this field.

By bringing his cars to Kolkata, he has become the highlight of the industry and is now working on providing services so that cars and bikes can be easily accessible to anyone. A kind-hearted person, Junaid Khan understands the effect of the pandemic on people and their finances. So his company has come up with a feasible solution to provide cars to people that feel like they are new. The cars are fitted with all the necessary accessories and there are home services for even wrapping the cars.

When he started his journey, he never received any guidance or advice about the challenges that are waiting for him. He feels that every person should have a mentor in their lives who can guide them on the right path to get the best results. According to him, not everything can be learned theoretically. A person who has someone to guide them will always be a step ahead and better informed to build up themselves with even more knowledge. For Junaid Khan, the managing director of Big Boy Toys, Mr. Jatin Ahuja is a mentor who inspires him every day to learn new skills and push himself even more to advance his knowledge of the field that he wants to rule. With a dream of being invited by Mr. Jatin Ahuja himself, Junaid Khan wishes to visit the Big Boys Toys showroom one day.

You can connect with him on Instagram- @jaykayspotted

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