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A Golden Mirror To Reflect A Golden Heart

Mumbai Based NGO, Golden Mirror Foundation, has set out to make a difference. During the Current Phase of the COVID Pandemic, this NGO has risen to the occasion and has been providing Sanitizers, Masks, Personal Protection Equipment and Food to front line workers such as Police Officials and Doctors and also Providing the same to other associated NGO’s so as to reach out to and aid as many people as possible.

The NGO urges People to Look Within and Find the Goodness in their Hearts to Help Contribute and Make the Society a Better Place to Live In. Set Up with the Ideologies Laid down by Late Mrs. Darpan Hiralal Thakur and Late Mrs. Hemalatha Mansukhlal Shah, Golden Mirror Foundation aims at helping the Underprivileged with Utmost Compassion.

Recently, Golden Mirror Foundation, along with the funding received from Dr Swarup’s Multispeciality Dentistry, have Donated over 100 Litres of WHO Standardized Hand Sanitizers; over 50 Litres of Sodium Hypochlorite; over 1,000 Masks and over 500 Individual Protection Kits along with Instructions of How to Use each Product. 

The Above Activities were Carried out at Local Police Stations, ISKON Temple Juhu and Little Sisters of the Poor- Old Age Home; among other places. This Gesture by Golden Mirror Foundation has helped our Protectors and Elders; who form an integral part of our society, and the people looking after them stay safe. 

The NGO has also introduced the unique “Buy One; Donate One Initiative.” Under the current circumstances where the COVID Pandemic has affected people in Every Sector of Life, we are there to make sure that those who want to help in any way, would be able to do so through us, the thought behind the Initiative is that, When You Buy something from Golden Mirror Foundation, One Quantity of a Similar Product goes to the Needy. This Helps people get access to Sanitizers, Masks etc which are the need of the hour while helping people who may not be able to access the same due to Financial Constrains. 

With Future Goals of Setting up Hospitals, Schools for the Visually Impaired, Providing Medical supplies to the Needy, planting 1 lakh trees and Setting up Food and Water Stops for Stray and Injured Animals, amongst other things, Golden Mirror Foundation is a True Reflection of a Golden Heart. 

For all those who may want to donate to this Cause, would want to support this Cause and/or wish to be a part of the “Buy One, Donate One Initiative” may contact on +91 9137131900 or on goldenmirrorfoundation@gmail.com for any further details.

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