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A Tryst with Dr. Neeraj Sahni the man who has a degree in Medicine and Dentistry

It's rare to see people having expertise in multiple fields. Dr. Neeraj Sahni is one of them who barely needs any introduction. He is a man of par excellence when it comes to knowledge and has even contributed a lot in the field of dentistry and medicine. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Dentistry from India and later went to London to join Eastman Dental Institute and Hospital to complete his Master's program in dentistry and medicine. He holds specialization in Oral Medicine and was also involved in research and development for the implementation of the same for curbing ailments like oral cancer. 

He worked in different global locations for around 17 years getting the opportunity to work with top doctors and dentists at the best hospitals in the UK. This gave him good exposure and recognition working as the best dentist and medical practitioners. With a huge educational background and training in surgeries like Maxillofacial Surgery at Eastman Dental Institute, we have seen Dr. Sahni exploring a wide range of specializations in the field of medicine. He remains the only doctor who holds experience in dentistry and medicine. With dual degrees, his expertise has helped him to deal with a wide range of complicated cases and has successfully treated them. 

Some of the foreign locations in which he has worked include Dubai, London, and Budapest apart from working at the top hospitals in Gurgaon and Delhi. With his expertise, he has been famous in dentistry attracting the handsome amount of dental tourists making them happy all over the world. He follows the painless procedures and surgeries, which makes the treatment simple for the patients. His expertise has found space in magazines and journals of global repute. 

Over the years, his expertise and work have given him too many accolades and awards like getting the Best Dental in 2013. Also, the dentist is linked with top companies including Zimmer Biomet, 3M, Allergan, GC Aesthetics, Cereplas, and Dentsply Sirona to name a few. Dr. Neeraj has participated in international conferences and seminars on various medical and dental topics apart from being a regular guest speaker at the University of Sharjah. He also likes photography and has been the vice-president of a Photography club in his university days. You can further explore more on Dr. Neeraj Sahni, by visiting his website drneerajsahni.com.

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