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A Vedic Astrologer and Tarot Reader, Janvi Gaur might know your future!

Vedic Astrologer and Tarot Reader Janvi Gaur was born in a psychic family and believes to be spiritual and that it flows in her bloodline. She was not much interested in education and gave up on it when she was 14. She felt she had a lot of power in her soul and education was something she was not able to connect with and started doing her own work. She believes that she has this extra psychic ability that allows her to see and hear things. Janvi Gaur and her family moved to Dubai when she was only 4 and started living there.

At 22, she started exploring and practicing astrology and taro-reading. After shifting back to Delhi in 2000 with her husband, she started with Vaastu- Shastra and was able to see a lot more than that as she was visiting many people's houses to check the Vaastu. In 2004, she started with tarot- reading, and did not take the help of anyone to learn that but used her mind to figure out what was going on in those cards. Janvi Gaur is also into Vedic astrology and believes that when she opens up the chart, the planets talk to her and she gets different kinds of energies from them.

She has dealt with top-notch people from all over the world and says there is not any continent or country where she does not have clients in. Vedic Astrologer and Tarot Reader Janvi Gaur has also catered to clients from the Bollywood industry and many more industrialists that have done wonders in their respective domains. She has also been recognized and awarded for her brilliant work in this domain and has been given many awards. The awards include being mentioned in the “Hot 100 people of UAE” in 2014, in the same year Janvi got the "Great Woman Award- Middle East", In 2015, she got the "FICCI Recognition" for her work in Delhi. These were only some of the awards that she has got among many others.

Where everyone is afraid of challenges, Vedic Astrologer and Tarot Reader Janvi Gaur has a little different and positive approach towards them and believes that every challenge teaches something or the other to the individual. In 2014, she started with SRT and traveled to many countries in Europe to take guidance on the same from experts in this industry. Currently, she is looking to expand her base and is looking to do the same in Los Angeles by December as she already has an established network in Delhi, Mumbai, and London.   

You can connect with her on Instagram- @janvigaur.  

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