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A Woman can truly take on any work: Akriti Verma Founder of AKV Wall Putty

The cement-based industry is a huge and wide market and one of the male-dominated industries. We usually see men in this industry more often. The real reason is unknown, one we may understand would be a patriarchal society that defines women cannot work in industries related to heavyweight and complex products.

We are living in 2021 and surely a woman can take over the world and do any of the jobs. One such we came across is Akriti Verma Founder and Director of Renaissance Industries Pvt Ltd. She is an MBA Graduate from Singapore. Akriti belongs to Bihar, particularly Patna.

She quotes “Bihar is not known as the hub of manufacturing and entrepreneurship, but it does have all the ingredients necessary for value-added manufacturing. I set up the plant in Patna, my hometown”. Akriti started with 11 people in the workforce, they have been able to ship over 150 tons of wall putty in all eastern states.

Renaissance Industries Pvt Ltd is at present intending to wander into different fragments of paints and shades to improve its topographical areas and obtain worldwide acknowledgment. Contending in an area with a solid hold of a few stalwarts in the business, the organization left an imprint for itself by creating quality divider clay at a cutthroat value point that conveys more prominent worth at a similar value point when contrasted with the contenders. The company in the following 5 years tries to turn into the main makers of paints and shades, through faultless administrations and quantifiable outcomes.

Taking into account that there are not many ladies originators in assembling, Akriti needs to make a space that supports more ladies’ investment in the area that contributes to the Indian development venture. She has made a benchmark by being a lady’s business person in the already undiscovered market that too in Bihar which rather than its real potential is considered to offer a restricted degree for startup culture.

Accompanying 3 years of involvement with the business, Akriti has intensely perceived the plentiful chances the eastern piece of India can present to the assembling ventures, considering the enormous client base the locale involves.

She always had the zeal to get into the world of business. The idea of AKV wall putty germinated in 2015. The Indian real estate market was booming and by extension so were ancillary industries. She was saving for two post her MBA Degree.

Akriti shares with us about her whole process “ It has been daunting competing with big wigs of manufacturing like Birlas and Asian Paints but that has made the achievement even more meaningful. I hope my story inspires other women to venture into manufacturing startups. India’s story is just beginning and all of us can make immense changes. In the immortal words of Swami Vivekanand – “Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached”.

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