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AALA Fabrics on its Way to Materialize its Dream by Extending its Reach Overseas

It is the desire of everything present on the face of the earth to expand its network and influence. We see it in all life forms, no matter how tiny or gigantic they are. Living beings die but leave their footprints in the form of their offspring. We cannot say that it is purpose-driven or aimless, but it is a fact and we can not deny it. The same goes with evolution. If anything does not evolve into something better, it is destined to perish.

The same is true with AALA Fabrics. Starting from a humble beginning in 1957, this fabric brand has managed to evolve with time. Zeeshan Zafiri is the current CEO of AALA, and he has been successful in taking the brand to new heights. He had a vision of digitalizing the store and he has managed to do so in a little time.

With the launch of the website aala.com, we saw an entire transformation in the business. We saw this brand extending its reach to many countries. Cicijes Creations, France; Milaaya Embroideries, New York; and Al-Shamil Boutique, Qatar are some of the stores that seek fabrics from AALA, exclusively, to cater to their fabric needs.

“We are living in a digital world where you can order a cashmere shawl sitting in New York, thanks to the new methods of transportation and communication. Things are changing so fast that if we do not keep up with the pace of the world, we become irrelative. Not unimportant, but irrelative,” Zeeshan Zafiri commented in a fortnightly fashion show.

“It is the need of the hour, to introduce to the world, the work of great artisans of India. For that purpose, we purchase directly from the weavers and refrain from buying from the retailers. Then we print the fabric with their customized dyes and do some work of embroidery on it. After it has been modified, the fabric is added to the website. We were adding at least fifteen new fabrics per day before the Covid-19 days. Lockdowns in India and around the world have affected our efficiency a little bit, but not significantly,” a company representative at AALA shared the details.

We have seen the company enhance its online presence over the past few years. People at AALA are very enthusiastic and they are one of the best customer service providers in the industry. They approach you in a very friendly manner when you contact them. This is indeed 24/7 customer support which has become a nightmare for their competitors. We have not seen an online fabric store that is so good in terms of service.

While expanding its network across continents, this brand has remained attached to the promises that they made with you. They have remained inclusive, providing fabric for all age groups and ethnicities. They have also kept innovating, so as not to become obsolete. Last but not least, in their journey, they have remained true to their customers. After all, in economics, it is a well-known slogan:

The customer is God.

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