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Abu Aimal: A Telangana Based Journalist With True Social Working Qualities

Advancing as a journalist for more than a decade, Abu Aimal is one of the most popular journalists in Telangana who has made his place by not just being talented but by committing to his work, and following the moral-ethical values of complete transparency in every step of his life. Although journalism is perceived to be extremely practical and application-based, what one does not grasp sooner in the career is that there is nothing, no story that sells as good as a true one. this is the reason why Abu Aimal has always focused on coming up with the idea of a report that the public not only understands but also relies on.

Besides being a journalist, Abu Aimal is also actively involved in contributing to social work. His aims are profound and his foundation, Azaad foundation, is his current project that has the main goal of spreading awareness and contributing to social causes. Unless and until his efforts proved to be fruitful by inspiring others, there is no going back.

Abu Aimal was a state-level boxing champion before completing his Intermediate in Commerce. Interestingly, journalism was not even close to the original dream of Aimal, he wanted to chase his dream of becoming a successful businessman. Like all business startups, he too needed some investments and did not give up even after his failed attempts to convince his family, Abu Aimal succeeded in becoming a successful dealer of Hero cycles in Hyderabad.

Some of the biggest stories and social experiments over the past years have been the work of Abu Aimal. His coverage on various Wakf irregularities that ran into crores of rupees and his work on exposing how WAKF properties were being illegally taken over by land grabbers etc. One such example of his journalism was on 15th Sep 2011 in Siasat Daily, when he started a 100-day column dedicated to 100 non-functional Masjids within Hyderabad. Abu Aimal says, “My eight years of investigative journalism allowed me to record 132 masjids around Hyderabad, which had no government records nor Wakf records.”  With the help of his work, he has been able to re-open 20 Masjids and currently, is working towards re-opening other Masjids. He also helped in the restoration of a Masjid in Agricultural University, Hyderabad that was closed for almost 30 years.

 Proving to be an inspiration for many and storing minds with his words as well as his works, Abu Aimal has worked for too long in the field. It is the combination of his experience, skill and compassion that has made him reach this place today. To know more, follow him on:

Instagram- https://instagram.com/abuaimal.official?utm_medium=copy_link

LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/abu-aimal-a976221a6

Twitter- https://twitter.com/abuaimal?lang=en

Website- www.azadreporter.com

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