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Ace makeup artist Ulviyya Mahmudova wishes to work with Deepika, Hrithik

Being a freelance makeup artist, she has already worked with some of the big names in Hollywood and is now looking forward to working with the Bollywood actors.

Her past work has helped her grab the attention of Indian filmmakers already and she has received some handsome offers too. Now, she is just focused on bringing the Russian style of makeup to Bollywood with her unique sense and creativity.

"Makeup has been something very close to my heart ever since I was a child. I have been following the fashion trends of various countries at a very young age. But Indian fashion is something which I find the best in the world. I definitely will bring the Russian touch to Bollywood but it will only be an addition to the Indian style of makeup," said Mahmudova. 

"Indian way of makeup is an inspiration for all the makeup artists across the world. The unique kind of makeup worn by Indian women has been fascinating me for years and it was my dream to get a chance to explore this type of fashion while being in India," she added.

She has gained some extraordinary knowledge of makeup products and tools during her career. She has not taken any makeup classes but has learned this all by herself watching and following the world trends. Her unique makeup application techniques have helped her garner praises from her clients on numerous occasions.

After receiving some offers from Bollywood, she is on cloud nine and is really looking forward to working with some of the biggest names of the Indian entertainment industry. "I am really excited to work in the Indian film industry. This has been my dream for years. I would love to work with Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, and Hrithik Roshan if given an opportunity," she said.

She has been following some Indian bridal makeup experts too which has helped her improve her skills a lot. With the kind of expertise and enthusiasm she has for her work, she is definitely going to be an asset for any Bollywood project.

With such dedication and focus towards her craft, she seems to become a great competition for Indian makeup bigshots in the near future for sure!

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