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Actor-Producer Swapnil Munot’s Serial Tuza Maza Jamtay Secures No.1 Spot On Zee Yuva

Well-known actor/producer Swapnil Munot has once again made his mark. His serial Tuza Maza Jamtay has created a lot of buzz since it’s start but now it has earned the No.1 spot on Zee Yuva within mere 50 episodes. While Swapnil and his team are celebrating the success of 50 episodes of their serial people are enjoying the show to the fullest with it’s interesting storyline.

Tuza Maza Jamtay is a light hearted romantic comedy drama. This romcom revolves around Ashwini and Shubhankar’s love story with the interesting twist called Pummy. Show stars Apurva Nemlekar, Roshan Vichare and Monika Bagul in lead roles. The serial has been increasing viewers interest with each episode and has earned a loyal fan base in a very less time. Producer Swapnil Munot’s vision and passion has made it a clear superhit show. He once again showed that for him sky is the limit.

Swapnil Munot has been an inspiration himself for many people. He started his career at the age of five as a child actor. Whether it be children’s plays (baalnatya) in school or college performances Swapnil has aced his way to the industry like a pro. He has been a part of producing team of superhit movie Agabai Arechchya 2, acted in Kho Kho and produced and acted in superhit film Triple Seat. Apart from this he organizes Maharashtra’s biggest competition Mahakarandak. He has recently started a new YouTube channel named Kadak Marathi under the banner of Kadak Entertainment. With his inspiring journey he has not only been winning hearts but he has won several awards as well; from school-college to government levels. There are so many achievements at so young age to his account. In a nutshell Swapnil Munot is an amazing entertainer who knows all the ways to keep people entertained. Swapnil Munot is greatly inspired by his mentor Narendra Firodia.

His recent successful serial Tuza Maza Jamtay is completely shot in Ahmednagar with the whole base as well as artists there. The show has come talk of the town since the promos started. The freshness of this serial has worked as a breeze of fresh air for audience. Swapnil Munot has always believed in experimenting and bringing the amazing content forward. His this approach has made him celebrate the 50 successful episodes of Tuza Maza Jamtay and there are many more to come surely; because as they say “picture abhi baki hai mere dost !” (the show is yet to complete).

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