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Akram Meeranmalik Abdul Is Known For His Super Car Collection

Well, some profile on Social media platforms we see is far more exciting than Actors and Actress, as they give all the spice with their Styling, machines, and lifestyle. In a way, they are a different kind of people who are popular due to their luxurious lifestyle. They can also be called as a so-called influencer of our time.

I was just browsing the internet and looking Indian's who are passionate about cars and all. I came with one name called Akram Meeranmalik Abdul, a famous name from South India. Akram Meernmalik Abdul, better known as Akram Malik comes from Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. He is good looking Beared Guy, He and brother are famous for their cars love. It is like Beast machines in South India are at their home. 

People know their car's love, Akram came into the limelight in 2017 when He purchased costliest Aventador S which at that becomes the most expensive Lamborghini ever sold in India. Akram beat top cars record Aventador SV Roadster which was Owned by K V Prasad, a businessman from Bangalore. Akram Malik is also owned many super beast machines in his garages such as Audi R8 and the Nissan GT-R.

Akram Meeranmalik Abdul and his brother also participate in car racing which happens in India. Akram Meeranmalik Abdul is a stylish man. He is no lesser than a hero of the South. He is living a lavish lifestyle like a king. Supercars are his passion. He loves speed and beast machines. 

Akram Meeranmalik Abdul is having a fantastic fan following on his Instagram. He has become a different influencer for young ones in the market — a bearded man who looks stylish in every wear. Akram also loves to travel around the places and meet people who are passionate like him. It gives him the energy and confidence to do more in life.

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