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Amazon unveils home patrolling robot ‘Astro’ revolutionizing the life of humans

Amazon has launched an autonomous robot designed to roll around the house to accomplish daily based tasks such as home monitoring, setting up routines and reminders, play music and TV shows while patrolling the home. Amazon on Tuesday announced a household, canine-like robot named astro. Further the company also informed about the deal with Walt Disney Co to imbue its voice-controlled tech in resort hotels, making Alexa the bigger part of people’s lives. 

The almost high knee robot which is incorporated with a wheel-mounted screen is revolutionising the way humans work. The Astro, which has been in development for the past four years, is available at an introductory invite-only price of $999.99 and regular price of $1,449.99.

“We had to leverage AI in so many new ways, including using deep neural learning to map anchor points throughout the home, and building new dynamic simultaneous localisation and mapping] algorithms that are constantly refreshing,” Limp said. He further also added, “In five to 10 years we believe every home will have at least one robot that will become a core part of your everyday life”. 

To attract the next generation of customers, mostly kids, the company unveiled Amazon Glow on the bucket list of millennials , a gadget for playing games, reading or drawing while on a video call.

The company is working on introducing an Alexa-powered voice assistant at Disney's theme park hotel which will be the rewarding result of doing partnership with Disney. A paid feature is like a dream world as it makes the customer a priority and introduces them to interact with disney characters at home with full ease and comfort. The given feature will be launching in the coming year.

Amazon launches a number of new gadgets every year which includes sunglasses with voice control and an in-home drone technology. With its skill of coping up with the fast pace era, Amazon is bringing groundbreaking changes to the world further, simplifying the life of humans. 
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