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Amravati To Be Innovation Hub' of India, Says Naidu

NEW DELHI:Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Saturday said the upcoming State capital Amravati would be the ``innovation hub’’ of India. Addressing a gathering of investors and businessmen here, Mr Naidu explained the steps his government is taking to make Andhra Pradesh as the number one to live and do business. He said Andhra Pradesh tops all States in the country in ease of doing business index. “We are committed to make AP the best state to work and live in the country. We will make it the innovation valley. Amravati will be the hub of this innovation which will comprise nine cities – Media City, Government City, Justice City, Finance City, Knowledge City, Tourism City, Electronics City and Sports City,’’ he said.
“The crucial part of Amravati will be the Amravati Media City (AMC), which will focus on media, entertainment, social media and other cutting edge technologies. This city will act as its hub,” Mr Naidu said at the workshop – “Andhra Pradesh: The Emerging Hub of Indian Media”, organised by the Centre for Strategy and Leadership.
“Our hardships have posed as obstacles, but have not distracted us from taking our minds off our single-minded goal of developing Andhra Pradesh. We have grown significantly at around 10-11% per annum with significant increase in per capita income”.
The Chief Minister stressed that his government is constructing nine cities and the vision is to make them not just the best cities in terms of technology and services, but as ‘Happy Cities’ with a perfect work-life balance for its residents.
“No compromises will be made. These cities will not just be sustainable and state-of-the-art, but will bring out the best in people as these cities will strive to help its residents find a perfect work-life balance so that they can commit themselves to being out the best in themselves,” he said.
On Media City, Mr Naidu said it will act as the hub for four elements — Films and Television, Animation, VFX and Gaming, Digital Advertising and Social Media and Telecom.
“Amravati will be India’s first future city that will fuel the growth of India.  . Amravati will compete with world’s top global cities. It will be hub of all major activities in India. It will also attract other countries and organisations to associate and invest with Amravati. Amravati is already creating a buzz in India and abroad,” said Vikas Sharma, Director, Centre for Strategy and Leadership.
Vision 2036 for Media City at Amaravati is to develop it into a world class media hub with a long term vision to host International events like Cannes Film festival and Grammy awards.
Media City at Amaravati will create around 60,000-65,000 direct jobs by 2036, more than Sangam Media City (Seoul, South Korea), which currently has 40,000 direct jobs and Dubai Media City that currently has 64,000 direct jobs.

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