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Ankit Hirpara brings healthy varieties of Tea to make changes in people lives

Ankit Hirpara founder of Hybrid Green Tea has set a huge example with his idea of Tea.He never wanted to compromise on product quality or timeliness in offering services to customers. He was very firm from the beginning to have Quality items and prompt service, His idea is of selling A-Grade quality of tea was deceveloped while he was researching about the same. He had taken a huge risk to achieve higher as he went for the entire research process.

After a two-year study involving experts in herbs and teas, his product line was developed that incorporated the best organic and natural elements that benefit the body and keep it healthy.

A Single Cup Of the day Of The Hybrid Green Teacup keeps people with better health and keeps cells of the body from aging, Hybrid green tea has become a trustworthy, therapeutic part of life in India. Green tea, indeed, is a key player in the healthy lifestyles and long life of people.

As Hybrid cup is more than 450 GSM. This cup can be used multiple times, 10 to 12 shots of 30 ml of green tea are used in the single-cup during the whole day. It said One cup for one day keeps a doctor away. It’s Eco-friendly, Hassel-free, and Biodegradable.

The biggest advantage of these cups is they are eco-friendly & Non- Toxic. The Cellulose filter in it has cellulose fibers in Zero Fiber nest together to form a highly uniform filter coating that traps the smallest of particles. The resulting filtration is higher than that of D.E. giving you cleaner, clearer tea.

As he has come up with varieties of it, one of the best served by his company is Kangra leaves Green Tea which is an A-Grade Export Quality Whole Leaves that is Naturally Rich in Antioxidant and it Helps One in Staying Physically Fit and Energized. Along with it, it helps in Preventing Many Diseases like Diabetes, Weight loss, Blood Pressure, and Cancer.

Consumption of Kangra Green Tea Is A Great Beginning For Increasing Your Metabolism.

Kangra Tea Is Known for Its Unique Color and Flavor and has Won Gold & Silver Medals In London & Amsterdam For Superior Quality which has made him achieve heights. This is how with his mission to make the Nation healthier, Ankit Hirpara is setting an example for youth to take risks and achieve higher.

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