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Anuj Kumar: Shining Star of Virtual Platform

Are you in search of true talent of our nation? You need to peep inside the common people of the nation. There is a lot of talent in the youth of our nation. The talent is hidden in the common people of the nation. With the help of the virtual platforms, this talent is getting identified. The virtual platforms are like a boon to society. There are many hidden artists in common public. These artists get identification with the help of virtual platforms. There are a lot of benefits of the virtual platforms. These benefits can be listed as follows…

  • Easy availability:

These platforms can be easily accessed, and these platforms are easily available everywhere. These platforms are available even in remote areas too. The people of villages can also use the virtual platforms. Around 80% of public live in the villages, according to the survey. These public face difficulties in using other physical platforms like music shows on television. But the virtual platforms are easily available to these public too.

  • Only one mobile phone and internet are needed:

The basic needs for using the virtual platforms are too less. Only one mobile phone and internet connection are enough to use this platform. For performing in front of the world, these things are needed, which are easily available everywhere, in this era. Even in the villages, the mobile phones are used by common people. The internet connections are made easy after the Jio cards in the market. Whereas, in physical platforms, many props are needed, in virtual platforms, only one phone and internet connection make the things right.

  • Used by millions of people:

The audience available on the mobile phones, are in millions. If one person is truly talented and can get attention, he or she can get the audience in millions. This is possible only with the help of virtual platforms. True talent is identified and can get millions of views easily.

  • Direct reach to the end users:

Virtual platforms are there for easily reaching directly to people. The artists can reach the people directly. The recording CDs and shopkeepers’ concept is out of date today.

These benefits are available on the virtual platforms only. The virtual platforms for singers include Gaana.com, Spotify, Apple Music and Jio Saavan. There are millions of singers, who get chance to get identification with the help of these platforms. One such artist is Anuj Kumar. Anuj Kumar has won the hearts of the people with the help of his songs ‘Gori gori surat’, ‘Time’, and ‘Dukh’. These songs are getting more and more likes on these platforms. The artists like Anuj Kumar are true asset for the country. The songs by Anuj Kumar are really beautiful and sung in his magical voice. The talent of Anuj Kumar is getting identification on the virtual platforms. If the true art is valued properly, the other artists also get inspiration from that and put in more efforts for the success. Lets wish a good luck to Anuj Kumar for brighter future.

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