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Anuj, the owner of Vintage Records is helping talented musicians to get the attention they deserve

The world is full of talent. However, a lot of this often goes unnoticed. Especially in the world of music, when there are a plethora of music enthusiasts, it is easy to get lost in the pool. While music makes the world a better place, it is unfortunate that only some of it reaches the fans. Anuj, who is a musician, understands the pain. This issue is very close to his heart because he was also a struggling musician once. As a result, Anuj came up with the idea of Vintage Records. Through his brand, Anuj helps musicians get the deserved attention.

The brand helps promote podcasts, music videos, Spotify music, etc. through their Instagram handle. Their Instagram handle has 5 million followers and features top talents globally. Every piece featured on the page is handpicked for quality. Anuj believes that all music is beautiful and thus tries to feature musical contributions from global artists so that no form goes unnoticed.

It is a great spotlight for musicians to feature as top artists on the page. It promotes them and helps them get eyeballs and motivation from 5 million music lovers. Numerous artists featured on this page have achieved great heights in their music journeys and careers.

Vintage records also conducts competitions and events frequently to give a platform for newbies to perform. ‘Many times people have abundant talent but are clueless about the right to showcase it. I was there once and it isn’t a really happy place. We all deserve attention and applause. Through Vintage Records I try to help people fulfill the dream they have been harboring,’ said Anuj when we asked him about the reason behind Vintage Records.

Anuj also works tirelessly to promote the page to get attention from big wigs in the music world. He believes that this attention will help the talents featured on his page to get well-paid contracts and assignments. Anuj also thinks that a music career shouldn’t be a monopoly of the affluent or the lucky few and thus works in this direction.

Apart from music, Anuj also promotes podcasts. He believes that people have so much valuable content share but it often gets buried in piles of content available on common platforms. It takes efforts for good content to stand out and reach thousands of people. Anuj is ready to put in the efforts, all he needs is trust and confidence. People who have trusted Vintage Records have unlocked great heights in their careers. Many podcasts and videos have hit millions of views and creators have got paid assignments or content sales.

Anuj wishes to continue with his efforts and help benefit more and more talents each day.

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