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Author Deblina Bhattacharya Launches ‘My Black Rose’

Deblina Bhattacharya, author, poet, blogger, and mental health advocate recently announced the launch of her latest anthology ‘My Black Rose’. Published by Mithaas Publishers, the book is a collection of poems based on the power of positive thinking and hope. It walks readers through her life journey, and all her life’s trials and tribulations. The book is priced at Rs. 179, and can be purchased across all leading online and offline bookstores in India.

‘My Black Rose’ is Deblina’s second work as a poet and follows the success of her first book ‘Knots’, an Amazon bestseller that explores the realities of mental illness & suicide, social taboos & violence against women, pain & darkness, self-love & healing in all its naked glory.

Through the launch of her latest anthology, Deblina aims to touch the hearts of thousands, and spread a sense of hope across the globe, especially in these trying times.

“Having grappled with struggles of my own these past few years, it was only right that I give back to the people who showed me support right from the very start. So many people I know deal with so much on a daily basis, and I understand that sometimes it may be overwhelming. However, if there is one thing I aim to show my readers through this book, it is the true power of hope, and how it got me through my tougher times. Hopefully, my stories will inspire my readers to keep moving forward.”

Currently pursuing a degree in literature, Deblina has always loved writing but discovered her dream to channel her talent into this profession when she was just 16. Like most writers, she is a storyteller at heart and strives to make the world a better place one story at a time.

“I think of writing as a way to express all that I feel. Through my writing, I am able to present my readers with my honest self, rather than a version of myself. My only hope is that through this, I will build the trust of my readers, so that they may find acceptance in themselves as well.”

Devanshi Sharma, a nationally acclaimed best-selling author, and founder at Mithaas Publishers stated “I had been following Deblina on Instagram for quite some time and was really impressed by her ability to find positivity in any given situation. Her charisma and positive attitude are truly infectious which I’m sure many people on social media could use to brighten up their day.”

She further added “When I heard her story, and how she was able to fight through her all her tough times, I knew instantly that her book was one that would really touch the hearts of many. Deblina and I share the same philosophies and try to inspire our readers through the same mindset. It is an honor to have her as a Mithaas published author, and we wish her all the very best.”

Deblina serves as an inspiration to many who are of her age. Her heart-touching words along with her brazen attitude make her a force to be reckoned with. Her love and empathy for the people around her encourage goodness. While she aims to continue fighting mental health and the stigma surrounding it, she is only getting started with her career as an author, and also looks to launch her own novel very soon.

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