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Author Nupur Luthra pens down exciting & thrilling story ‘Silent Murder’

You take people, put them on a journey, put them in danger, and discover who they really are. That’s the specialty of a writer, they have the ability to take readers with their writing. And through their writing, a writer's personality is depicted. Nupur Luthra is one such author whose work is a reflection of her personality.

Her journey as a writer

Nupur, a Delhi-based author, is giving her writing a new depth. She was an English Literature student who contributed to multiple school periodicals with pieces. She dabbled in a variety of genres, including romance, politics, travel, and murder mysteries. She had to study and build her own style in order to learn how to write in many genres.

‘A soldier's daughter, Divergence, Disturbed Death, Our Love That Fell Apart, and Silent Murder’ are among her five published works.

About ‘Silent Murder’

Nupur was mostly known for her love and fiction novels, but she ventured into new terrain with a murder mystery. Silent Murder, her most recent fiction novel, is about the murder of two young lives. She wasn't sure if she could write this novel because she wasn't used to writing murder mysteries. Regardless, she accepted the chance.

 Her most recent work "Silent Murder,” is the story of Nick, who has the perfect life working in the White House and loving with his wife Bridget. Things change, though, when he realises that his grandfather is not who he believes he is. Nick is left with some unsettling concerns about what could have happened after learning a secret about a murderer, and he is motivated to get answers. 

Nick is both perplexed and enraged. His granddad fascinates him since he appears to be concealing the truth. Someone from his past reappears in his life as he searches for answers. Is Nick ever going to learn the truth? Will it be kept a secret indefinitely? The plot of the novel is on Nick's suffering as he gets closer to discovering the truth.

This murder mystery novel will transport you on an exhilarating adventure that will have you engrossed until the very last page.

If you are into a murder mystery, you can also purchase her entire novel from Amazon.

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