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B.Tech dropout Mohit Gupta Soon to Collaborate with Bollywood

Nomophobia - the fear of not being near mobile phone has catapulted many to be addicted to the world of Social Media. It is the fastest-growing trend in the world. Marketing has gone up a totally different level in the last 5 years. Through Social Media Marketing, the seller comes virtually in direct contact with the prospective buyer who is hooked onto it. Making such progressive strides in the world of social media marketing is a man (in his early 20s) named, Mohit Gupta. He is as they say "on fire", dropping out of engineering and diving into the deep marketing web of social media.

Mohit Gupta had entrepreneurial tendencies right from his childhood. He was a business-minded child wanting to create and earn on his own. It all started when he was in class 12, 18 years of age when he set up a meme page and explored the Instagram business. Gupta worked tirelessly to establish the reputation of his page and after 6 months of creative investment and mental hard-work, the page got around 78K i.e. 78 thousand followers to its credit. Reaching this mark is no way a child's play and only with great wit and relentless efforts can it be achieved. 

However, with Board exams on his head and college selection exams to be given, Mohit sold his page. Mohit chose Computer Science Engineering but in a short time realized where his sensibilities and passion lay. He dropped out of the B tech course and started his career as a full-time Social Media Growth Marketer; Gupta also started another page called Couple Society. 

Slowly but steadily Gupta developed an online social media company named CS Marketing, which provides marketing services to various brands and social media artists. Resisting to his competitors, is committed to building his company, Mohit Gupta's company created a base of a whopping 20 Million followers. This also helped him in getting bigger marketing projects with bigger brands. Recently, Gupta even worked with some producers and actors from the film industry to promote their short films and music videos on various social media platforms He joined hands with them and influenced many people on social media to give the buzz to the film or the song, whichever he was marketing. This has resulted in Gupta getting exceptional work and many people from the music industry and Bollywood are coming up to him to take care of their promotional activities.

These collaborations with Bollywood have pushed Mohit Gupta into a league of his own. His company will soon be talked about as a giant in the business and Social media influencer, Mohit Gupta's achievements will reap him rewards for years to come. Truly an unexpected & underrated, underdog story.

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