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Bambai Lifestyle a success story of Akshat Gada and his numerous trials which never gave up

Stories are relatable when it explains the efforts and complete truth. It connects better and explains how a person started, what he struggled through, and finally, what exactly the results were derived. It is like a pattern that comes to a successful end when it starts with motivation and enthusiasm to do something better. No doubt, the efforts of Akshat Gada can be connected to a series of events which are explained by his life’s journey that began from Dombivali. As of today, at the age of 19, he has gained titles of Digital Marketeer, Co-owner, Co-founder, and CEO of  Bambai Lifestyle, launched on 1st December 2019, which has shown a successful growth in just six months and earns monthly income in 5 figures. Not just this, Akshat has also conducted a successful event at the Somaiya college, Bigwig carnival, where many students got a chance to represent their business skills, and their products got marketed by Akshat and his team. 

“Step by Step it takes a run and we, we did make our progress, slow and steady, but definitely towards the many successful months, we saw before the pandemic had a little effect on the business. We are sure, our customers who trust us for our quality will maintain their faith and will co-operate as we get back after the lockdown, after all, we are not just a brand, we are the name they trust, and we continue to serve on it, at our best,” says Akshat as he was asked upon how the pandemic situation affected his business. His words have a strength of his ideas, and he knows how to move ahead over the same. Since the start, he has been living through the struggle of managing the business alone, but then with the right time and perfect support of few close friends, the trend, the path, and the idea started working towards the success pattern.

Akshat was interested in business since the year 2016. He loved how his dad made efforts to continue and work for his business, which was associated with the readymade garments. But efforts increase with the struggle, and this is where the idea to help his dad clicked this young mind, which didn’t stop over the same but watched videos, read articles and blogs over the internet, and assured himself of receiving as much knowledge as possible. Well, “A mind which can start thinking can never stop doing from what it always wants,” and neither did Akshat. He used Instagram to make his first start. Received orders, but that didn’t seem to be efficient, and this made him stop but never give up. He started again and again and finally landed up with the  Bambai Lifestyle, the start of which was made with a very little amount but trustworthy friends, Parth Trivedi, Parth Modi, Mayank Chaudhary, Rajat Pandey, Jinal Jain and Himani Jain, who ensure their best in this business.

It is never easy to convince someone, and especially when it comes to gaining the trust of parents. Neither was in this case. They had to explain and request a lot to get that one “Yes,” which became the reason for their success further. Akshat says, “I had the experience. It was not just from Instagram but also from my trials made through the application named Udaan, where I became the reseller and tried to ensure my growth. It was effective, but I had a feeling of dissatisfaction within, and this is what convinced me and motivated me to get serious altogether from a chilling mood, for finding a domain name and creating a website which we called the Bambai Lifestyle, a place where all can have their own style, as per their wants.”

But sometimes, just sometimes, we face an inconsistency, and this is where we give up. We do not consider getting up and running back, but Akshat and his dreams made him do all that he always wanted to. From trying to create a sale to trying hard for designing and creating his own brand name, he never had a series of words that could say, “I do not want to go further.” He stayed calm, and this is what makes his story to be more exciting, encouraging, and a passionate one. His business @Bambai Lifestyle also started selling quality cases and covers along with the sale of good quality clothes at a low price and touched the success. He knew he and his team would never give up, and this trust is what made him go and grow, motivating and influencing the lives of ones around.

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