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Beauty & Lifestyle blogger Anmol Bhatia: Fashion Doesn't Define You, Rather You Define Your Own

Anmol Bhatia's popularity on her social media pages has increased rapidly in the past few months. She is one of the most followed and loved fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. Anmol, a girl from Delhi with lots of dreams in her eyes and amazing talent of fashion, beauty, and trends has gained up to 370k followers on her Instagram page. People admire her work and love how she keeps them updated with trends and beauty tips all the time.

Anmol Bhatia answered what inspired her and interested her in the field of beauty and fashion. In a statement, the gorgeous blogger said, " always used to adore my mother when she was getting ready and always tried to copy her. And As I grew up that interest grew with me, I used to love watching celebrities walk on the red carpet and the fashion magazines that came to my place."

When asked what does fashion and beauty mean for her, she answered, "Fashion and beauty for me is confidence and being comfortable in my own skin and flaunting it the way I want. There are no rules when it comes to something like fashion because it is what you want it to be, fashion doesn't define you, rather you define your own fashion."

So does one have to keep themselves up-to-date with all the current fashion trends? Anmol shared her view stating, "It is totally up to a person, but it is always super fun to know the latest trends and then give it your own touch, make it your own and style it and carry it the way you want to!"

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