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Best Selling Author Mrinal K.J hints to enter politics

Every ocean wave is a pirate, attacking the land and attempting to pull it into the sea. Life is a constant challenge and one who overcomes the challenges is a real fighter. Mrinal K.J is an Indian author and young marketing guru who has overcome obstacles in his life to reach his current position.

Born and brought up in Nepal, he completed his high school education there. Mrinal graduated from Lovely Professional University. Mrinal has struggled a long way from becoming a middle-class boy to being such a young brand, which helped him gain trust.

Mrinal K.J in a recent interview touched the point that he can enter politics soon

Mrinal began with family obligations after his father's company failed in the 2015 Nepal earthquake, and his family struggled to survive. In 2018, they moved to India, while studying at the time and in 2019 he started with his own marketing consultancy firm where he educated others with all the knowledge he grabbed over the years. Mrinal was already in the public domain garnering a community base of more than 2 lakhs.

Mrinal is also the author of the best-selling book ‘Slap Your False Shadow’, which has been well received by both the youth and the elder community. The book has delivered the truth and has listed several such incidents where fake behavior has been used to solve circumstances.

When asked about his future plans in a recent interview with IndoToday Magazine, he mentioned the possibility of entering politics. His motivation for entering politics is to have direct contact with the people and do his utmost to assist them in achieving a better life.

Many leaders and corporations work on Mrinal's philosophies and plans because of his intense thought and communication. His firm, Foxclues OPC Pvt. Ltd., provides advice and training to a variety of entrepreneurs, brands, and celebrities. Mrinal K.J feels, “Those who have the audacity to believe they can change the world and succeed.”

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