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Bhagwan Singh: The Upcoming Sensation of Punjabi Music

An artist’s journey truly starts when he surpasses himself and starts taking risks in his career because the more risk he takes, the more milestones he would achieve. Sometimes, we truly get to know ourselves when we are in our own company and that is what happened last year during pandemic. While many people were struggling with these sudden confines that they were put into, some discovered their passion and invested their time into it. Bhagwan Singh being the latter discovered how music is something that he always wanted to pursue and he decided to learn it finally before he would go on to release his debut song that will amass more than a million views on YouTube.

Bhagwan Singh who hails from Roopnagar, Punjab is 18 years old singer who made his debut with his song “Meri Rooh” on YouTube last year that has more than one million views on YouTube. Bhagwan Singh is currently studying in Chadigarh’s GGDSD College and is quite a sensation among his friends after his success as a musician and singer. It is important to note that Bhagwan is also a National Dueball champion and has played cricket and badminton for his state.Bhagwan Singh told us that he always wanted to pursue music but due to studies and other hindrances, he was unable to focus on music. It is during the lockdown that he found that music is something that does not only bring him peace and happiness but he feels purposeful while working on his music and singing. He finally enrolled himself for online music programs and continued his riyaaz and practice before making debut with his song “Meri Rooh”.

Meri Rooh is a romantic song sung by Bhagwan Singh which was released by the music label Arsara Music. The video is beautifully shot and shows the story of a couple sharing romantic bond who unfortunately part their ways. Shortly after the success of Meri Rooh, Bhagwan Singh dropped another soulful track Bapu Tera Putt in which showcases the beautiful relationship that a father and son share.

Bhagwan Singh is very conscientious about his culture and roots. Being a Sikh himself, he is proud of his identity and his community and obviously so. His latest song “The Turban” emphasizes on the same sentiments. In this song, he could be seen singing about his roots and how being a Sikh is a thing to be proud of. The hook of the song is catchy and literally translates into “We tie turban on our heads, we are unique among the others.” Bhagwan Singh has phenomenal vocal ability and he sounds really unique. Bhagwan Singh told us that he will launch more banger tracks that will inspire the youth and motivate them to do something in future. After listening to his songs, one will certainly fall in love with his voice. I hope he launches more and more songs and achieve everything that he is aiming for. You can listen to his latest song The Turban on YouTube and support him along this journey on Instagram and Facebook by following him over there.

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