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Bhupesh Bansal reinforces Belief about Passion

Don’t lose your hopes or step back, youngsters! Because, it’s completely possible to achieve your dreams and you can do it. It is proved once again by a young boy from a small town. Bhupesh Bansal, an engineering student who identified his passion and turned into an illustrator, is now working for various brands in India.

Bhupesh Bansal was born in a town named Bathinda in Punjab. He went on to pursue engineering and during this time, he learnt various skills related to digital creation like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator etc. from the internet all by his own. He used to bear his own expenses and college fee during graduation. Gradually, he gathered the courage to make the transition, convinced his parents and stepped into the world of digital creation through social media.

He is presently working for various renowned brands like Parle, Lava Mobiles, Skore, Manforce, Amazon Prime Video etc. Everyone dreams of a life in spotlight, but only a few work for it. A few of his creations even went viral throughout the world. He is the author at RVCJ media. If you are an active social media user, there are very fewer chances that you haven’t come across a post from RVCJ media. He has also honed his skills in digital marketing and social media marketing. He assists various companies in achieving a better reach. His artworks and illustrations were featured in various news articles, appreciated by various critics and renowned bollywood celebrities even. He is planning to launch an animated series of his own and is working on a few campaigns as his upcoming projects.

“It’s never too soon or never too late to follow your dreams. Just put all your might into it.”, says the young Illustrator and Entrepreneur.

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