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Blogging Sensation Randy Tobing Says "Power Of Social Media Is Touching The Sky"

In today’s time, the power of social media is touching the sky. Whatever you want, you get it on the internet. Social media has also made many ordinary people overnight stars. Randy Tobing is lately making waves on the internet. The exceptional blogger is based out of Indonesia - the country where blogging was not that popular as a profession. However, he had that fire in him to become an influencer and his passion for the same has made him one of the most popular bloggers.

Art has been his forte since his childhood and he had been influenced very much by Western culture. His art of work is an inspiration from his childhood experiences. Later, he came up with his own brand ‘Apostrophe Comma’ which primarily sold sneakers online. Eventually, with time, fashion and lifestyle products were also added for sale under his brand. Till now, the brand has collaborated with many celebrities and Instagram influencers.

Speaking about his blogging journey, Randy said, “Coming from the third world country is not an excuse. You can sell anything with branding, even a used plastic bag. Nowadays, if you have an internet connection, a laptop, and a smartphone, you can make a million dollars despite being a student in school.” With being a blogger, he traveled to many countries of the world as a business consultant to promote online business and let people know about the power of social media.

He strongly believes that as a business entity, manufacturers and retailers must promote their brands on social media. Moreover, he also owns another brand named 'HYPE ON HYPE', which grabbed everyone’s attention within Hypebeast community and his world-class designs also left the people in awe of the fashion blogger.

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