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Bodybuilder Iwinosa Kevin Osazee Says "Fitness & Health Is The Primary Need Of Everyone's Life"

Fitness and health is the primary need of everyone's life, and from the past few years, the internet generation has become laid back and lazy, which resulted in increasing the case of obesity. Iwinosa Kevin Osazee, who is a fitness model and bodybuilder, has become a motivation for the youngsters on the internet. He is on a mission to change the lifestyle of the youth around the world and motivate them to stay fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Iwinosa Kevin Osazee who was born in the Benin City of Nigeria, moved to Holland when he was just six years old and had been living in the Netherlands ever since. He was very athletic as a child. While growing up in his body was naturally muscular without lifting any heavyweight or exercise which inspired him to work out and shape his body even better. He always loved and admired the collection of fitness models and wanted to achieve that level of perfection, so he started gyming when he was just 16years old.

He developed his interest in bodybuilding even since and devoted himself to achieve that perfect body and worked day and night for it. Kevin also participated in many bodybuilding competitions such as 

1. Amateur Olympia Spain, Classic Physique - (second position)

2. Dennis James Classic - (third position)

3. William Bonac Classic - ( third position)

Kevin Osazee loves to motivate people about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. He is so dedicated to making people aware of the importance of fitness in one's life. He says that motivating people and sharing knowledge about health and fitness is that one thing that gives him energy and motivation to work hard. To work for people and contribute a Lil in making their life better is what matters to him, and he will continue to do it for the rest of his life.

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