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Brazilian-born, Miami-based supermodel Victoria Triay is all set Add her Magic All Around the World 

As per the Brazilian-born, Miami-based supermodel Victoria Triay, she is always ready for the photoshoot. All thanks to her strict workout session and a proper and balanced food, she keeps herself busy and prepared to take up any photoshoot at any point of time. She plans for everything, right from her food to workout, she has kept things organized. By including exercises like Muay Thai, boxing, jump roping, and weight lifting in her workout session, she is able to keep her body in the right shape. 

She started modeling at the age of 17, while her love for fashion and modeling started at the age of 13 and all thanks to her good looks, chiseled body, she was able to prosper in her field in a big way. When she hits the floor at the gym, she is able to rotate in different types of techniques, while 80 per cent of her workout comprises boxing claims the supermodel as it helps her a lot in keeping her body in the right shape. 

She is regular in her workout session keeping everything under her control and thus keeps the feeling accomplished. Her mantra for success in the modeling world is her fitness. All thanks to her chiseled body and the perfect shape. She is able to attract too many brands from all across the world. She is able to rule the world with her incredible style and aura. She moves with all these features moving smoothly.

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