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Brosnan to debut in direction with a Bollywood film on Indian culture

Indian culture was designed consciously for the inner well being of a human being and inspired by this, Brosnan, a social influencer and Youtuber, has decided to portray Indian culture in the form of a Bollywood film.

As Mahatma Gandhi said "A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people", Brosnan is traveling India and meeting people to know more about the varied and diversified Indian culture.

He said, "The more I am knowing, the more I am drowning in it," adding that the Indian culture is the most ancient, widespread, varied and have its own geographic, ethnic and religious background.

Brosnan is a famous YouTuber and he is a sucker of traveling. He can ditch almost anything to travel and that is where he meets new people and gets to know about them. During his recent visit to India, he was so mesmerized after visiting various places and knowing different traditions and rituals followed here. He decided to make a film on it.

Sources close to Brosnan have informed that he is in talks with couple of top filmmakers in the industry and soon will come out with details regarding it.

Speaking about the film, Brosnan said, "It would be a mainstream cinema and will have a large budget because it will cover the various shades of the Indian culture. It would be a multistarrer film, each one of them portraying different traditions."

When asked about revealing the names of stars, he said, "It would be too early to reveal as things are on the research stage right now. Once something is finalized, you will get to know about it."

Brosnan is a lover of photography and this can be observed if you go through his Instagram profile. You will get see some of the finest shots of beautiful landscapes, exclusively captured by Brosnan himself.

Brosnan has a huge fan base on social media platforms, especially on Instagram. He has thousands of followers and one good thing about Brosnan is that he manages all his social handles by himself. He keeps the conversation alive with his fans and never disheartens any of his followers. He regularly remains active and replies to the fans' queries and conversations.

Brosnan is a home name in the YouTube business. He has millions of subscribers on his Youtube account and his videos are just awesome. Now his fans are eagerly waiting for his film and have already started sending him good wishes.

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